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“Part of Me” By B.D. Kold Could Change Your Life

B.D. Kold is a man with a story, and no matter what life threw at him, music was always there to help him push through. Growing up he often found himself getting into trouble, including altercations with the law and some addictions. At a certain point, he was unsure of where his future would take him. Lost and in need of direction, B.D. Kold stumbled across a pastor who led a religious program that instantly changed his life forever. It is no doubt that fate brought him to where he is today, and through music he shares his journey to inspire others to live their best and most wholesome lives.

B.D. Kold is talented and is destined to do what he does, create music. In his song “Part of Me”, B.D. Kold keeps it 100% real and confesses that he feels lost and powerless, but with the lord he finds his way.

“ I fall up on my knees since I call up on your name, I don’t know what way to go but you help me maintain, I give you full control, I can’t feel this way again, made me feel whole, fill me with your flame”

This verse is so inspiring to me because he’s in a position of uncertainty, which everyone experiences from time to time, but instead of singing about materialistic things to conceal his pain, he turns to the Lord for help. He does better for himself by allowing faith to control his destiny by doing the right thing. This makes B.D. Kold an excellent role model and fills the listener with faith, encouragement, and insight on not only religion, but life itself. B.D. Kold’s expertise in intertwining a powerful message into a catchy beat that keeps you engaged is moving, and I highly recommend that you check him out to experience the hype for yourself!

Listen to "Part of Me" here and get to know more about B.D. Kold below!

Hello and welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell us a little more about yourself?

My names brandon dwayne stovall i was born in Baton Rouge louisiana on may11th in 1988, for the last year and a half I have been making Gospel rap, I have released 4 projects walking in faith in March of 18, heart condition in July of 18, a free to download mixtape in dec. Of 18, and street gospel in March of 19, I also have started a production company that specialize in making quality beats for low prices, we have 250+ available for $25 apiece on

How did you start creating music and why?

I started writing around 11, not being able to control my emotions I found this to be my outlet, as I learned how to put my emotions down it began to be cultivated over the years of freestyling I found my flow and through writing I found my craft, after God changed my life I wanted to be able to tell my story and present people in the street life music that would positively feed their spirits 

What is the main message that you want listeners to take with them from “Part of Me”?

no matter what your past says or what your trying to come out of God will meet you 

Can you tell us more about your song “Part of Me”?

Part of me is a inter personal song, it’s plee to God telling him that through everything I’ve been through and everything that comes to me the only thing i know is I need him, I hope that listeners will take this and apply it to their life, it doesn’t matter what your facing if you ask God to be in it he will always provide what’s best for you, I tried to take this song and through the Holy Spirit lay down a basis of what that prayer sounds like in the chorus 

What is your main goal that you want to achieve through your music and why?

to positively impact life’s, to see people who come up in crime syndicates,gangs, and prostitution have chains and shackles broken off them and to see them fulfill the calling that God created them for by telling them what he’s done for me 


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