Passion Exudes From Tamil's Latest Ballad, "No Issue"

Destined for greatness, Tamil releases his thought-provoking single, “No Issues,” off his emotion-filled EP, 'Last High Hopes.'

This uprising artist from Long Island is making waves in the music industry with the ambition and determination Tamil uses to master his craft. His raw talent and pure passion are released through his versatility in his artistic magnitude and it's the reason Tamil prides himself on the unique sound he has created for his brand.

“No Issues,” is a late-night hit sure to captivate your deepest emotions in an effortless manner. The track opens with the easing melodic elements of a harmonious sample to commence the beat.

We are quickly introduced to the sound of a tape deck inserting a cassette as Tamil’s heavenly vocals fill the speakers. The glistening hi-hats and sharp snare hits, add that rhythm to the beat that instantly have you tapping your fingers and toes to the composition.

Tamil’s vocals exude a warm and soothing essence as he takes a contemporary approach to R&B and Hip-hop with some light Pop elements that complement the versatility in a graceful sonic voyage. He resonates heartfelt lyrics of moving forward from an ended relationship that transports us into the depths of our emotions. His ability to captivate the audience using his vulnerability and draw them into his story without us knowing him on a personal level is truly outstanding.

We look forward to seeing big things from this up and coming artist. We’ll be following his journey closely as we add this song to our list of favorites.

Hello Tamil and thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. Congratulations on the release of, “No Issues,” from your EP, 'Last High Hopes.' We love the vulnerability you showcase in this song! Could you please tell us what inspired the storyline for this ballad?

Life and Pain... I’ve been through a lot of strenuous conditions in my life, often leading me to feel as if I’m alone and the world is against me. But regardless I tend to keep my head up and keep faith in God, I feel that keeps me sane most of the time. We notice that in the midst of the song, you use an actual recording from the studio session when you’re talking with your engineer. What was the studio session like recording this single? Kind of the same as always calm and secluded. I don’t really like people too much so when I’m in the studio it’s usually just my tracking engineer, my A&R, and me. It’s fun for us though because we all work really well together and know by the end of each song what quality of song we plan to produce. What made you choose “No Issues,” to be the single off of the project and the intro simultaneously?

I had discussed with my manager prior to the release of “No Issues” that this song would be the catalyst to me quitting or my full time pursuing music. Mind this is a fresh corona outbreak and I have a real Hood Mentality so music wasn’t the most ideal situation for me.

What would you like for listeners to take away from, “No Issues?"

For those listening to “No Issues” understand the trials and tribulations of life, that many times the people you love most will be the same people who contest your success. That pain is the process of the strong and life gets better ... oh and I’m still “Thuggin” What can fans anticipate to hear next from you, Tamil? I plan on releasing some new Sonics this winter. I’ve been working on some new sounds that I feel real confident about and think the listeners will enjoy hearing what I have to say. I kind of like to gift the music away so I don’t want to say too much but overall this round of music is "hope all enjoy."