Pastel Ghost Ambient Sound Will Captivate You In “3NDL3SS”

While critics may struggle to define PASTEL GHOST’s music with tidy descriptors like witch-rave or blog-house, it’s evident that PASTEL GHOST is creating sounds that take flight beyond any genre boundaries.

It’s just very unorthodox to describe this unusual yet intriguing artist. Pastel Ghost released “3NDL3SS” and it’s like you’re entering a musical black hole that takes you into a complete different realm. As a personal fan of ethereal music that has this atmospheric cloud surrounding the vibe of the song, “3NDL3ss” was a smooth listen for me. The Austin-based artist laces elements of dream-pop, post-punk, and electronica to create sounds that can only be described as otherworldly. She just takes you into multiple different arrangements while remaining loyal to one specific sound that’s quite difficult to describe. Ethereal vocals glides over a chilly synth hook and a thumping drum beat, creating a track so infectious, they can lure even the most brooding shoegazers onto the dance floor. This summer, everyone is looking for a mood to indulge themselves in. Pastel Ghost gives us this hazy vibe you just can’t forget. The unforgettable experience is like a natural musical drug that will leave you addicted! By tying her love of hazy, anime visuals to her sound, “3NDL3SS” have an instant cinematic feel to it, evoking a dreamy imagery that is significant to the components of PASTEL GHOST.

Listen to 3NDL3SS" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

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