Pavo Real Is Changing The Rock Scene And Raising The Bar In New EP “The Space”

Pavo Real just dropped their eclectic rock EP “The Space” and we can’t get enough. Based in Los Angeles, Pop- Rock n’ Roll band Ravo Real is comprised of three undeniably gifted artists. Oscar Bugarin on lead vocals/guitar, Joe Wendt on bass, and Greg Lewis on drums. Pulling from their notable range of musical influences that span from Motown and the Beatles, to John Mayer and the Grateful Dead, Pavo Real is making authentic and soulful Rock n’ Roll that will go down in history. Pavo Real is on the rise, currently building a fan base in and around Los Angeles by releasing new, original content, and by putting on high-energy, high-quality performances. 

Pavo Real's debut 5-song EP titled “The Space”, which was also fully written and recorded independently, hit all digital shelves on May 31st, 2019. The EP starts off with a smooth and bluesy track titled “Be” that focuses on the pleading and overwhelming feelings of love. Oscar screams “I wanna be your everything, just don’t take your love away from me” and the absolute power and energy that vibrates through the speakers is so raw and intense it will give you goosebumps. With soul crushing guitar solos and a choir of vocals, “Be” establishes an explosive and unforgettable intro to “The Space”. As the EP transitions into “Marigolds” we move with the music into an up tempo swinging melody. This track promotes a feeling of togetherness through the high energy feeling of the music. More spectacular music breaks layered with the sultry, yet light hearted vocals of Oscar Bugarin. “Marigolds” keeps Greg Lewis busy through the insane finale as the energy and high-hats are flowing. 

Powerhouse trio, Pavo Real has us certainly hooked and the move into the third track “No Place”. A more mellow rock song, “No Place” weaves through storytelling elements of trials and tribulations of someone who is lost. Whether this refers to physically or mentally lost, the metaphorical lyricism blends catchy riffs with heavy subject matter and we’re here for it. In this track we hear more detailed use of Oscar’s mesmerizing vocal range and tone as he belts of every word with raw emotion. “Shine” is the fourth track on “The Space” and I have to say it’s my favorite. “Shine” is a seductive love ballad fused with soul-filled flare and undertones of jazzy melodies. Pavo Real has outdone themselves with their flawless delivery and undeniably chemistry that blasts through the speakers. The ups and downs of “Shine” lead into a truly impressive guitar solo to wrap up the catchy hit. Echoing synths fade in as we move into the rolling beats of “Deflated” the fifth and final track on “The Space”. 

“Deflated” is a song about being mentally exhausted and empty and finding a way out of that feeling. The heavy chorus provide enough emotion while still remaining gritty and hard rock. With elements of classic rock mixed with contemporary rhythms and a powerful sound, “Deflated” is hard hitting conclusion to an intense EP. Pavo Real is able to relate to their listeners on so many levels. Through their meaningful lyricism or their finely-calibrated instrumentals, Pavo Real establishes true connections with their fans.

Check out the full experience of Pavo Real's EP: “The Space” here.

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How did you all meet? When did you create Pavo Real?

Greg and Joe have been on each other’s musical radars since high school but had never teamed up musically until Joe responded to a Facebook post by Greg in August 2017. Greg was looking for a bassist to form a new project. Oscar joined the picture that following September after Greg had seen a video of him playing guitar and reached out to join. That was the birth of Pavo Real. The guys, born and raised in LA, looking to to make a splash in the scene. 

What overall theme does your EP “The Space” have?

The general theme of “The Space EP” is overcoming hard times and about being down on your luck. There are songs about love...but also pain, fear, and relationships - the emotions every human being experiences. We wanted the lyrics to be relatable and relevant, as well as not dated. 

From an artist’s perspective, what’s your favorite track? Why?

We all love the song Deflated because it’s a high energy rocker. We hit hard during that song and it’s a good one to close the set with. But honestly picking a favorite song is like picking a favorite child! 

Are all of the songs on “The Space” based on life experiences?

Absolutely. When listening, you’ll find that each song is about a different experience had by one of us at one point in our lives. 

What’s your writing process like together?

We try to get together at least two times a week to rehearse our existing material/ work out fun, “deep cut” covers. Usually one of those meet-ups is a writing session where we will either bring small pieces of tunes to the table and complete them together, or bring an already completed song and teach it to the boys in the band. When one person isn’t free to rehearse, that’s usually a good time for the other two members to meet up and write a song. Lately we’ve been writing more and more together as a cohesive unit, and the new material is really proving to be exciting, unique and fresh. 

What’s next for Pavo Real?

We’re trying to build a team with people we trust. We need a manger, and an agent and that’s something we’re working on now. We would like to get on the road and tour as soon as possible as we feel that's the perfect next step for us as a band. If we could find a band with a larger draw to take us on the road under their wing, that’d be a dream come true. As for now we’re going to keep gigging locally and continue writing songs. We have a free headlining gig August 1st at Lucky Strike Live -we play at 11:00! 


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