Payton Goldston Displays Love and Appreciation Throughout His Entire EP 'Endure'

Based in Tucson, AZ, Christian R&B singer/songwriter Payton Goldston blesses us with his inspirational 5-track EP 'Endure.' After moving from Newark to Tucson, Payton Goldston's career escalated quickly with the help of friend/producer Rob Mercury who allowed Payton to record his first demo in his home studio. It was only up from there, as Payton Goldston has now solidified his platform with incredibly motivational and heartwarming music.

Starting off his EP with the title track "Endure (prod. GROC)", which opens with peaceful and filtered electric guitar picking, slowly building the energy. Once we're met with hi-fi and melodic synths, the song truly takes an energetic turn. With Payton Goldston's unique and clean-cut vocals, he sings lyrics of breaking free from stagnation and moving forward from the pain he's endured.

Taking a more serene approach with the next track "Drown In My Sorrow (prod. SINIMA Beats)", Payton Goldston sings with his entire heart. With a downtempo R&B beat and added electric guitar picking, we're able to hear out Payton Goldston's point of view while he soars over the instrumentation. With clever lyrics singing that the current is so strong, and he doesn't want to drown in his sorrows, it's evident that his textured songwriting remains a dominant aspect to Payton Goldston's career.

With brilliant string compositions and jazzy piano chords, the next track "Breathe (prod. ToneJonez)", takes more of a hi-fi hip-hop/R&B approach. With haunting synthesizers and keys that support Payton Goldston's energetic and broad vocals, he vibrantly sings lyrics of feeling someone else's aura that does nothing but brings you back to life. He's found such perfect fitting and vulnerable lyrics that give us an authentic peek into Payton Goldston's songwriting process.

Bringing the energy back up with the next song "Blessed (feat. Weez The Satellite Kiid & prod. MANTRA)", Payton Goldston sings cheerfully about finally finding the light at the end of the tunnel with God's help. Through ambient production with added brass elements and energetic kicks and claps, we can feel the release of stress off Payton Goldston's shoulders. While Weez The Satellite Kiid begins spitting his mid-tempo verse, he brings added texture giving the song dynamic range from calm, cool, and collected to giving many thanks back to the power above.

Making our way to the end of the EP, Payton Goldston ends it off with the deftly-produced and warmhearted track "I'm In Love (prod. DopeBoyz Muzic)". It is opening with soft and bright keys that move into a hard-hitting and transcendent R&B downbeat full of passion and power. Payton Goldston's beaming vocals beautifully serenade us with this track, while creating a mesmerizing ode to his wife and giving back the love they've mutually shared. It's clear that Payton Goldston truly brings a different and unique approach to R&B, without drowning out in materialistic messages, he purely sings with grace and thanks throughout his EP 'Endure' that only inspires us and brings us back down to earth.

Be sure to listen to 'Endure' here.

Hey Payton Goldston, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’d like to start by saying how inspiring your entire EP 'Endure' is, through your breathtaking vocals and lyrics. Did you have any message or advice that you wanted your audience to take away from the EP?

Hi there! thanks for having me on again. You all are awesome and thank you for the great feedback. The message I want the listener to take from this is sometimes the process is painful. Even if you're healing from something. Some wounds are too severe to simply put a band-aid on them. The bandage has to be removed and the wound cleaned out in order to properly heal. I believe this applies to us both spiritually, mentally, and physically, for I believe we are 3 part beings Spirit, Soul(mind, will, & emotions), and body.

Though the process is painful, there's a great reward in the end. The perseverance can make us better, wiser people.  Helping us not repeat the mistakes or cause others to hurt like us. Also, I hope people are drawn more to God and understand how good he really is. I believe He's the only one who can see us through our darkest moments.

Within your EP 'Endure', there was one track in particular that stood out is “Drown In My Sorrow (prod. SINIMA Beats)”. Why did Payton Goldston choose to incorporate this captivating and relatable track that adds a little sadness to your EP?

This EP is like a story. Endure is the introduction, prepping the listener for the songs ahead. Drown in My Sorrow is chapter 1. Painting a picture of hurt, loss, darkness, and pain, but searching for hope all at the same time. I wanted the listener to hear this song to understand the set up for the other songs after. Hopefully being encouraged to pursue hope and healing in the darkest of times. 

As your EP “Endure” has a very dynamic range to sonically and vocally, we’d like to ask if Payton Goldston has a track that he resonates most with on the EP? What makes the song personally powerful to you?

The first track called "Endure" is the one I resonate with most. This song is 8 years in the making. Explaining my fear of facing my past but understanding that in order to move forward in my future and be a better man/husband I must rely on God to see me through.

It's clear that Payton Goldston provides such intricate and relatable messages whether their positive or somewhat melancholy. How do you intend to keep making music that speaks whole messages, and keeps listeners intrigued to hear what you have to say?

I intend to make each project a story. Playing off of each other to make the listener listen to everything to get the full story. My future songs won't always be so sad LOL. However, in these times, I felt this was the best direction to go in.

I want to cover other topics such as love and enjoying life for what it is and not what others say it should be. Those will be on the lighter side to give variety in my catalog of music.  

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020? Some music videos from this project and some more singles before the end of the year. Also some features with other artists such as my friend Belinda Handy in her upcoming EP.