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Peek Into The Lives Of Philadelphians With Pep Rally's New Music Video

Philadelphia-based producer, engineer, musician, and singer-songwriter Tommy Joyner shows us what his band, Pep Rally, is all about with a wholesome and exciting new music video for "Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night)."

Pep Rally's Tommy Joyner is no stranger to this music scene, as his renowned Philly studio MilkBoy, has had the chance to record for acts like Lana Del Rey, Fun, Miley Cyrus, James Taylor, and many more. With his band, Pep Rally, Joyner and the crew bring a polished version of grown-up pop-rock that's danceable, thoughtful, versatile, and intelligent.

Now releasing their new music video for "Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night)," Pep Rally brings us into Philadelphians' vibrant and broad lives while emphasizing the city's radiance and energy. The song itself packs a heavy yet groovy punch that's bound to make any listener hit the dance floor and get down with Pep Rally's charisma, drive, and talent.

The music video for "Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night)" sets the scene with a clumsy cheerleader stumbling on her moves and getting frustrated with herself. After receiving a text from 'him' who asks to hang out, she rushes over to her fellow cheerleader's car with glee, where they take the night and cruise without a care in the world.

We also see other scenes of a wholesome family relishing the beautiful autumn colors in Philadelphia, giving the video a hint of playfulness. As the cheerleader's plans fall through, they head to MilkBoy and pick up Joyner while nodding to living in the moment, seizing each day, and keeping the momentum going.

Head into the weekend the right way with Pep Rally's feel-good music video for "Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night)," now available on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Pep Rally. We appreciate the wholesome and feel-good experience you've provided in your music video for "Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night)." What inspired the winsome concept behind the video?

Thank you Buzz Music! The video for Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night) is a story of trying and failing, and then trying and succeeding. What separates the two and the role that the pressure we put on ourselves contributes to the cycle of failure. The lead, played by Jordan Hunter-Fidalgo in the video, is working out a cheering routine in the park, trying to make the team. Her character stumbles over god in this park and doesn’t recognize the little kid as god, because he’s just a little kid. She’s so self-absorbed that she is mean to him and he cries! Later my character comes in through a chance encounter to act as a balance to lower her stress and get her to a good place so that the next time she tries the cheerleading routine, she nails it. It’s stupid, a cheerleading routine, right? But to this character, it’s so important that she can’t see the stuff that really matters.

Who helped you formulate the scenes and concept for the "Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night)" music video? Did you work with any directors or producers?

Yes! We worked with producer Zina AlDamlouji and director Alex Siwik from 4Front Films. They’re really talented creatives in a city that’s pretty full of creative people! I work with other artists all the time at my studio (MilkBoy) and I’ve learned that it’s very important to let artists do their thing. Once you talk it out and have a level of trust/know that you like the idea, let them go! and we did and I love what we did together!

What did you want to get across to viewers when watching the music video for "Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night)?” What did you want to make them think and feel?

Don’t make god cry! We want people to think that it’s not all so HARD. That life is short and if we allow ourselves some kindness - to be kind and to accept kindness - we can make this short run here on Earth a worthy experience. It can be, in fact, a pleasure.

Should we expect a similar uplifting and go-getting theme as "Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night)" within your upcoming album?

Well, the next song is an uplifting tune about meth dealers who go from town to town so…YES! hahaha. You’ll see. I’m not a negative person, so you’ll have to see.

What's next for you?

Another two singles this summer followed by the full-length in August/September. I’ll get lunch sometime in between there, maybe!


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