Percussion Master Oscar Quilca Barcelli Releases Playful Instrumental Piece, “Regina’s Dream”

From Lima, Peru, Oscar Quilca Barcelli is an internationally renowned drummer, educator, and composer. He was first introduced to music at the age of 7 when he learned how to play the traditional Peruvian flute. He then joined the school band and developed years of performance experience while touring around Lima. It wasn’t until age 15 that Oscar discovered his passion for percussion. Since then, Oscar has been known for his versatility in his abilities to play any type of percussion while he creates emotion through his rhythms.

Oscar Quilca Barcelli’s “Regina’s Dream” is a four and a half minute, multi-instrumental piece. Throughout the song, Oscar Quilca Barcelli keeps listeners on their toes by constantly switching up the beat and the intensity. Each section of “Regina’s Dream” seems to deliver a different mood, as if it was a soundtrack for a retro cartoon. For example, rapid plucking of a bass drum that increases in pitch could be the sound of a character quickly running up the stairs. Throughout “Regina’s Dream,” Oscar Quilca Barcelli includes a multitude of instruments including piano, saxophone, and guitar. Although the tone often changes, the most prominent sounds throughout the song are the percussion instruments. He switches from cymbals to drums to maracas and more to add certain effects and emotions to specific sections. With “Regina’s Dream,” Oscar Quilca Barcelli shows us his natural ear for music.

Listen to “Regina’s Dream” here.