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"Perfect," In His Own Eyes, Xxzpetional Lures Fans In With New Single

Miami-born, yet LA-raised, Xxzpetional holds Latin roots in both countries of Chile and Guatemala. Bringing a fresh Latin spice to the rap game, along with a distinct and unique perspective showcased in his musical offerings, his rhythmic rapping pattern coupled with soothing melodies have garnered acclaim and recognition from growing reputable record labels from Bentley Records, Blame the Label, and Chaos Music.

There’s a certain magnetism that has Xxzpetional standing out from the crowd. The way that he carries himself in a manner that reflects his morals and soul is remarkable. In his most recent release of “Perfect,” the lyrical dexterity that is unsparingly weaved into each bar he raps, addresses what it’s like to be a young and emerging artist that has the odds stacked against him.

Driving home the type of confidence that we wish to see in everyone, Xxzpetional goes as far as to pair eye-catching visuals with this highly enticing narrative. Visions of himself writing in various settings show just how committed to his craft he truly is. As he charismatically raps to the camera in front of a baseball diamond, we feel like we’re on a tour of Xxzpetional’s neighborhood, and we’re finally tapping into the environment that makes him who he is today.

Tackling the tantalizing kernel of his artistry as he fiercely conducts the beat to sky-rocket in flight, there is a weighty amount of witty quips that ooze from the wordplay Xxzpetional performs. Never one to shy away from his authenticity, the vulnerability offered here reflects a triumphant mindset that caters to the victories Xxzpetional continues to encounter with a good head on his shoulders.

Hello Xxzpetional, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of “Perfect.” You get vulnerable in a way that brings out your confidence through the hurdles life presents you. What inspired you to approach the instrumentation in a way that has you reigning supreme? Where did inspiration strike for this song?

Working with a premier international producer from London "Beatsbycasual" I relayed to him I would like a composition that breathes life and hope in the instrumentation. At the first moment, I heard the track I was like "yo that's it right there, I feel inspired at this very moment". Everything after that flowed naturally. I just channeled all the doubt and insecurities I have as an individual and had the astute opportunity as an artist to be vulnerable and expressive. I wanted to create a track that could have you feeling hopeful for the way you are no matter what "cuz you ARE PERFECT!"

Could you please take us into what it was like filming the music video for “Perfect?" Was your vision executed the way that you saw it out?

Working with a great team under "Multiflexvisuals" I knew I was in the right hands. I shared with them my vision of how I wanted to be portrayed as a struggling artist on his ropes with his only hopes in his songwriting. This is in fact true and reflective of my own struggles and thankful to be in a better position in life. Ultimately I wanted to show a day in the life of a "struggling artist" to know at the end of the day if you keep working on your craft you'll get where you wanna go. I feel confident my vision was presented in the video and executed with precision.

As a two-time beat recipient winner of Beat Demons and the winner of ‘Song Challenge: Against the Wall’ by PinkFader, you’ve accomplished some wonderful things through your artistic voyage. What happens to be the highlight of your career this far into your journey?

Thanks for the acknowledgment, but in all sincerity, my highlight in my career thus far has been the profound opportunity to meet and collaborate with many artists and creatives alike who share similar visions/goals for success that keeps me hungry and energized to keep chasing my dream.

If listeners could pick up on one message from “Perfect,” what would you want it to be?

The message I want listeners to pull away is that they are perfect the way they are and don't need to change for anyone! If you have a dream, you have the right to chase it! Of course, within reason, I believe success takes sacrifice and discipline. Just because you are the way you are doesn't mean you will reach success, but sometimes you have to show restraint until you are in the position to truly demonstrate your best qualities. That in itself is Perfect knowing you are aware of both your strengths and weaknesses.

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