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Perkypurp is Fierce and Confident In Her Latest Release

Perkypurp is a creative entrepreneur that started her artistic journey as a self-taught painter. Once she was in college she began to branch out into songwriting and since has developed her unique sound as a cross between Jazz and Hip-hop.

As a creator, she draws on her inspiration of encouraging people to be the best versions of themselves by tapping into their creative realm and expressing themselves wholeheartedly.

Her latest hit, “Find a Way,” is the creation of the ultimate dreamscape.

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic Perkypurp revealed that when inspiration for this track struck she was sitting in a studio in texas watching a friend record a song and got to thinking “I have to find a way to get out the Hood, I have to find a way to be better than I was yesterday, I just have to find a way” from that moment her track, “Find a Way” was born. The goal of this track was to encourage listeners to, “Find a Way,” to get through any obstacles they might be facing, and this song has done just that.

Most recently Perkypurp has been busy working on more creations. Her goal is to be able to collaborate with different artists and expand into more musical genres, with a long-term goal of incorporating more of her music into mainstream media.


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