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Perry Ripley Shows Us What “Cocaine Love” Looks Like, In A New Music Video

Hailing from the United Kingdom is a singer-songwriter and dynamic recording artist Perry Ripley with his sensual yet striking new music video for his single, "Cocaine Love."

Listeners can clearly recognize Perry Ripley's music through his moody, raw, and thought-provoking creations that portray his deepened emotions through authentic lyrical content. He's known to travel through genres like alt-rock, alt-pop, and sultry electronic. Ripley's music has received vast radio airplay on BBC Introducing, and we only expect the same traction with his new releases.

The hit track, "Cocaine Love," is off Perry Ripley's 2021 EP of the same name. Impressively, the song itself was played on BBC Introducing, and the EP has garnered over 25k streams on Spotify alone. Today, we're focussing on the song's new music video that offers a breathtaking avant-garde style with a striking twist.

Jumping into the new music video for "Cocaine Love," the journey begins in a dark and velvety burlesque lounge where guests begin gawking at the performer on stage strapped in leather and a dark, tight corset. As she continues to put the audience in a trance with her fluid movements and sexual appeal, Perry Ripley strolls into the bar and takes a seat.

While the dancer invites him on stage, the video's anticipation and energy reach their peak alongside the brilliant and exhilarating production. As the dancer begins wooing Ripley on stage, she quickly surprises us by taking a huge bite out of his neck, oozing in blood when the surrounding guests hop on his body and dig in for a feast.

Get your dose of "Cocaine Love" through Perry Ripley's haunting yet exciting new music video, now available to watch on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Perry Ripley. We're thoroughly impressed with the haunting atmosphere and sexual appeal within your music video for "Cocaine Love." What inspired this burlesque-like vampire theme for the video? I wanted to show the struggles of addiction and how similar it is to love. The video is a metaphorical symbolization of how people over-sexualized and fantasizes about the use of drugs and that lifestyle. I wanted to portray the seemingly innocent lifestyle and how quickly it can turn into something unexpected and life-changing. What was it like creating such a thorough and well-rounded music video for "Cocaine Love?" How did your team help make that process easier? I am extremely lucky and grateful to be able to work with an amazing team of people, from camera to lighting to extras. I have the same crew with me for all my music video shoots and we have such a good working relationship going. They understand my creative flow and they are always able to bring my vision to life and work with me to create exactly what I want. What did you want your audience to take away when watching the music video for "Cocaine Love?" I have always had the mindset that all music and music videos are Individually interpretive and people can take away whatever they want from them. For me personally, though, it's about getting caught up in that all-consuming love story that envelops you. It's about how love and drugs can go hand in hand and how the feeling can be all together similar if not the same. I have used the word "Cocaine" for the symbolization of love and the feelings of love and heartbreak. How does "Cocaine Love" fit into the concept and theme of your recent EP of the same name? What does the project represent? The whole EP is an expression of a once-in-a-lifetime love that's been had and been lost. Cocaine Love slots into that perfectly. What's next for you I have lots of exciting opportunities coming up this year. I will be in the studio soon writing and recording for my first full-length LP. I will be gigging alot more this year now we're allowed, so keep an eye out for shows and as always, writing and creating my music videos. I now also have a TikTok so follow me on there for regular updates, Q&A's and other fun stuff.

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