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Pesh Milli Pays Tribute To The Late “V Roy,” In His New Music Video

Brooklyn-based hip-hop recording artist, producer, and rapper Pesh Milli pays tribute to the late great King Von (a.k.a V Roy) with his honest new single and accompanying music video, "V Roy."

Pesh Milli is always bringing something fresh to the rap scene. He's no stranger to exploring different sounds like east coast grittiness, west coast cool, dirty south rambunctiousness, and even the catchy hooks of pop-hip-hop.

In his latest single, "V Roy," Pesh Milli immortalizes the late gangsta rapper Dayvon Bennett, also known as King Von. To fans in the Windy City, he was V Roy, a trailblazing artist who proved drill music's potential and limitlessness.

After suffering a violent death in 2020 at 26 years young, Pesh Milli wanted to keep the artist's name alive through an authentic track that V Roy himself would have adored.

Expanding on the song's music video produced by Zipline, the scene opens with Pesh Milli sitting among blue LED lights and reflecting on the tragedies he's seen, heard, and experienced. As he shifts into the legend of V Roy, Pesh Milli wastes no time enlightening us on the cut-throat and menacing experiences King Von has been through.

From self-suffering to watching his brothers face the wrath of violence, this true story isn't for the faint of heart. The music video continues to take us through Pesh Milli in the studio, where he's seen opening up about the real, brutal, and rough ways of violence in the streets that, unfortunately, took yet another talent and inspiration away from us.

Watch and listen as Pesh Milli grabs your heart with all-too-real bars about violence, struggle, and unfortunate losses with his latest emotional single and gripping music video for "V Roy," now available on YouTube. Find the single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Pesh Milli. You've truly left your mark on us with your recent emotional single and music video, "V Roy." At what moment after King Von's death did you feel inspired to immortalize him through song?

First, thanks for taking the time to interview me. I believe about a year after he passed I was thinking about the influence he had on some of the youth around me, so I thought I should immortalize that moment in a song. The resulting song is about this kid’s obsession with V Roy aka “King Von.”

What was it like working alongside Zipline for the "V Roy" music video? What was your experience during this process?

Zipline media was cool to work with - shout out to Tommy with Zipline. I never shot on this camera before, so I look forward to people seeing what we pulled off visually!

What was the hardest part about creating the song and music video, "V Roy?" Was it challenging to create a track about someone so special that's passed on?

It wasn’t hard at all to put together the song because I love playing with different concepts. This was just one of many ideas I’ve come up with.

Speaking on the song itself, "V Roy," was there a core message that you wanted listeners to understand and take away?

The message I want people to take away from the song is that being in the streets is a harsh reality many people have to deal with nationwide. I want people to know that you are not defined by the bad decisions you make in life. Ultimately, it is what you do to correct those errors that define who you truly are.

What's next for you?

What’s next? I’m currently working on an EP and mixtape that should be delivered by the end of summer. Also, my next single, “Another One,” is dropping on July 4th simultaneously with a music video. Both the video and the single will be available everywhere. Be on the lookout y’all. I appreciate the love.


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