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Pet Envy Gives Us An Exciting Hit With “Rerun”

Pet Envy is a PoP-Rock band that formed in 2015 that was led by Shelbi Albert (vocals) and Jake Diggity (guitar & vocals). The band managed to gain a loyal following in their hometown of Nashville. Locally known as “one of the most fun live bands to come out of Nashville in years” (NATIVE Magazine), Pet Envy captured their first award as Best Pop Band at the Nashville Industry Music awards in 2016.

Pet Envy released the electrifying hit titled “Rerun”. This song was so damn fun! It was like a party fused tune that had us jumping and dancing. The unique vocal delivery and melody added to the electricity you feel from listening to this charismatic and outgoing song. “Rerun” was an eclectic track that kept the enigmatic sound of pop-rock alive! With less emphasis on attitude and more on a delightful rock sound. “Rerun” is like a colorful celebration of two vibrant genres intertwining to give the ultimate experience. It’s the ultimate commercial product while still remaining to be authentic and real. Maybe the hype is right! I mean think about it. If you’re able to have the time of your life listening to this song alone, just imagine the experience of seeing this band live? Pet Envy hoists you into a higher mood you won’t be able to come back down from!

Check out "Rerun" here!


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