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Peter Peres's Heart Is "Sold," In A Touching New Music Video

Toronto-based country/pop recording artist and singer-songwriter Peter Peres basks in the glory of genuine love with his latest music video entitled "Sold."

Working as a photographer and videographer at concerts and music festivals inspired Peter Peres to begin his venture into the music industry. He has a strong link to pop and modern country music, and his emotive lyrics are a perfect representation of his wholesome artistic craft.

Inspired by the likes of Brett Young, Jordan David, Hunter Hayes, and more, listeners can easily hear these influences shine through on Peter Peres's songs like "Sold." This song is a heartfelt piece of pure, devoted passion that speaks on the comforting sensation of knowing a lover will stick by your side no matter what. Peter Peres perfectly represents these themes in the song's new music video.

The music video for "Sold" opens with scenes of a couple pouring a glass of wine and celebrating the moments they share together. As we shift into Peter Peres's heartfelt and energetic performance, his warm and tender vocals begin to expand on those precious moments with someone special while exclaiming his love for them in the utmost passionate and sincere way.

What's refreshing about Peter Peres's performance is that his face beams with a warm smile the entire time. We can't help but feel that he's had some experience with musical theater, as his stage presence and charisma are truly inviting. The couple continues to share picturesque and intimate moments until the outro, where they suddenly begin to argue, leaving us with a "To Be Continued" caption that's doused in anticipation.

Catch Peter Peres's heartwarming music video, "Sold," on YouTube, and find the single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Peter Peres. We admire the passion and genuine emotion you've performed within your music video for "Sold." What inspired you to write the song itself?

"Sold" was one of the first few songs I wrote for my upcoming EP. It was written by my friend and fellow artist/songwriter David Madras. He had put the title down in the writing room and from there, we both shared the things that sold us on our previous relationships and applied it to the song. Being in a relationship is very special so we wanted to capture that emotion in the song.

What was it like shooting your music video for "Sold"? Did you have any directors or other team members help bring your ideas to life?

The music video was shot by Roadhouse Productions and both of us came up with the ideas showcased in the video. This was my first music video ever being filmed and the process and production of it were really fun. It was all shot in one day and couldn't be happier with how it all turned out. The guys behind Roadhouse are also really great and fun to work with and I recommend them to any Canadian artist based in Ontario looking to film their next music video.

What did you want to make the viewer feel when watching the heartfelt and touching music video for "Sold"? What did you want your audience to experience?

This is an upbeat love song so I definitely want my viewers to feel happy and in love while watching. Whether you are in a relationship or not, love does exist in many shapes and forms and I definitely want my viewers to experience that emotion. I also want couples to be able to relate to the song and visuals being presented. The actors in the video are also a couple in real life so their love presented in the video is very unique and natural to them.

Seeing as the music video for "Sold" ended with an argument and a "To Be Continued" caption, could you give us an idea of what we should expect next?

I don't want to give too much away, but the story will be continued in the music video for my next radio single which will be released sometime in March. So look out for updates on my website and my socials.

What's next for you?

I have my next single coming out at the end of this month and it will lead to my next radio single being released in March of this year. Following that is my debut EP which I'm super excited to finally put out into the world.


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