PEYTONORTH Displays His Innate Flow in "Ain't Gone Yet"

February 21 | BuzzMusic

PEYTONORTH hails from Baton Rouge, LA where he draws inspiration from all of his life experiences to construct the very sound his music encases. PEYTONORTH is a complex artist, one that takes an array of ingredients to produce the exact melody listeners receive from his music. PEYTONORTH plans to consistently show off his artistic abilities through his releases, and with his recent release of "Ain't Gone Yet", we can surely say we're impressed with how PEYTONORTH has grown as an artist thus far.

PEYTONORTH is here to show off his explosive Hip/Hop sound with his latest single, "Ain't Gone Yet". PEYTONORTH has an undeniably aggressive vocal outflow in order to create that necessary hype the track requires. PEYTONORTH characteries his sound as one that embodies confidence and rapid flow, which allows his overall persona to come off as incredibly chaotic. The best part about "Ain't Gone Yet" is the intensified energy that maintains itself during the track. You're never going to get a compromise with PEYTONORTH regarding the energy he captures with his tracks, and especially how he pours that energy into all listeners alike. PEYTONORTH is all about bringing a unified sound that contains all of his opinions about life itself, and the fun aspects that come along with it. It's safe to say you can expect a bustling sound from PEYTONORTH anytime, and we're anticipating exactly that with whatever it is he sets out to release next.

Check out PEYTONORTH in his latest track "Ain't Gone Yet" here.