Peytonorth Drops Dope New Verses In “Lights & Cameras”

Peytonorth is here to change the rap game with his hard hitting and surprising style. At only 20 years old he’s got a flow and aesthetic of an experienced songwriter/performer. From Baton Rouge, LA, Peytonorth strives to create and build something amazing and change the world.

Peytonorth’s brand new release “Lights & Cameras” is a summer sizzle! The heavy bass right off the bat gives the song a great energy. Peytonorth comes in HARD with a flawless sound. The whole song, “Lights & Cameras” is one run on verse, I don't know how Peyton had anytime to breathe with his quick wit. At about 1:25, Peytonorth spits an impressive doubletime finale to conclude this unique track. “Lights & Cameras” is just under 2 minutes long but that’s all the time Peytonorth needs to prove he’s on the rise. His confidence and fresh attitude blast through the speakers. Powerhouse rhyme slinger Peytonorth knows he’s got talent and he make ssure his listeners know it too. I highly recommend you listen to “Lights & Cameras”, it’s addicting and ground-breaking and taking the industry by storm. Exploding into the music industry, Peytonorth is here to stay and we can’t wait for more material!

Check out “Lights & Cameras” here. Read more below in our interview with Peytonorth.

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