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PHANTOM Gets Our Groove Going With A New Single, "FACES"

On his search for peace of mind from New York City, singer-songwriter and recording artist MARQÛIS, aka PHANTOM, releases his sweet and smooth single, "FACES."

MARQÛIS isn't just an artist but an apparition. PHANTOM (MARQÛIS) was able to carve out his unique artistry in this weird world we're living in, allowing him to build the crossroads between fantasy and reality. MARQÛIS hopes to bring a broader sense of understanding to this simula-...uh, life.

Now releasing his honest and groovy tune, "FACES," the song was produced by RAMOON and offers a lively and uplifting Afrobeat atmosphere to keep us dancing the night away. MARQÛIS' vocal delivery is wildly lush and is perfectly complemented by RAMOON's soulful and glittery Afrobeat/dancehall production.

Diving into the new single, "FACES," we're met with a breathtaking and cinematic piano instrumental and MARQÛIS's hazy background vocals. As RAMOON drops the savory and upbeat dancehall drums, MARQÛIS makes his sultry and passionate vocal appearance while offering someone his entire heart, mind, and body.

As we groove over to the hook, MARQÛIS jumps into the lush sonics with the utmost heavenly vocals while singing in falsetto to put us under a serene and sweet spell of sonic bliss.

We can't help but tap our feet throughout this light-hearted and upbeat tune, especially as MARQÛIS continues to swoon us with his optimistic and heartfelt words of passion, clarity, and devotion. Making his way around the hook one last time, MARQÛIS and RAMOON both close the song with nothing but radiance and heart.

Introduce yourselves to the many "FACES" of MARQÛIS' artistic creativity, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We adore the passionate and groovy feel of your latest single, "FACES." What inspired you to create this sweet single?

So PHANTOM is all hip hopped rappity rapped out, right- like that’s how PHANTOM started- trying to be a *bar god* - real aggressive stuff. So that’s usually the approach. However, HIM is a child of art- and HE may or may not sing a little. (May or may not have done acapella, in college years.) Years ago, the homie Ed put PHANTOM on to “Made In Lagos” by Wizkid. Before PHANTOM takes the stage every night, his day role allows me he plays music in HIS work lobby, and thus stumbled upon playlists with riddim of the motherlands - back to back- drums, keys, chords driving bass… Burna Boy, Rema, Tems… these sounds that are natural to the land we all live on. Which existed far before we were here. So then the writing process commenced, with adaptation. Did you work with producer RAMOON when creating the production for "FACES"? Or did he have the beat made for you beforehand?

PHANTOM is a *YouTube* new age crate-digging type of bandit. That’s what makes us believe, the difference between artists who are knowing and developing a sound, versus maybe just trying their hand. RAMOON (great producer and person as well, gave the blessing towards FACES- PHANTOM is very thankful) has a lot of work online. PHANTOM just happened to pick which piece *meshed* the best with the proposed writing direction so that PHANTOM could flesh out as best as possible as an overall body of work. RAMOON is an awesome and capable producer. How do songs like "FACES" represent you and the type of music you create? Do you usually go for such groovy, passionate, and uplifting tracks?

FACES is bigger than the usual approach. The music is sole to inspire you to move, as a reflex, as an “understood-but-not-spoken-occurrence”. This type of music does not exist in the same capacity as it may be, used to. Everything is so pointed, nowadays. You have to search heavily to find the groove.

Seeing that "FACES" is your last song of the year, would you say this track is a perfect close to 2021? Why did you choose to release this track as your last of the year?

I can see FACES as a way to kick off your new year. A new start. When we go out, what do we see? Even with masks on. We see faces. Faces that tell stories… sorta like that Nas commercial. If FACES can find a space on your playlist, then for that duration of a song, you will be able to find that necessary joy, maybe for you to dance and step- for even a short time… because we are all here.

What's next for you? PHANTOM’s new album “VOTE FOR PHANTOM” is now available on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube & YouTube Music, Instagram, Tik Tok, and any other streaming service you can get your fingers on. is the name of the website, and through there we can preorder merch and such (T-Shirts/Hoodies)- “FACES” - MARQÛIS (Prod. RAMOON) - is now out as a single as well, on all streaming services - however, I suggest you listen to the whole “VOTE FOR PHANTOM” (MARQÛIS) album, just so you can get an understanding of how a song such as FACES may have come about. Then get back to us. We will be waiting for you. As far as the new year, no plans- please listen to the album, more work coming- we wish everyone the best of health and a positive way to move forward in these times- right now the simulation is- the simulation is- You’re cutting ou- Losing serv-

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