Pharaoh Hussein Delivers a Fire Club Ready Hit with “Run up”

We took a listen to Pharaoh Hussein’s single titled “Run Up” produced by the legendary Zaysace P and this single was a huge hit. This song had a trendy lyrical approach with a catchy hook. It’s the type of hook that gets stucks in the listener’s head because the vibe is so contagious. Pharaoh Hussein’s cadence style is quite unique and almost idiosyncratic to him. Although the lyrics can get a tad repetitive after a minute, the song still manages to somehow give you transitional surprises in the production of the beat, thus keeping you highly attentive to the entire track. “Run Up” is club ready! I instantly visioned my friends and I banging this track on our ready to function or even while we turn up in a large social setting. Pharaoh Hussein knows how to captivate and deliver the energy that radiates through the music. You can’t help but get hyped when listening to this music because the beat is so addictive.

You find yourself swaying your head back and forth naturally moving with the rhythm. I can see “Run Up” being a marketable single that will resonate well with a large audience of music lovers. It’s raw enough for the hip-hop fans and diverse enough to cater to the non-rap lovers. It’s an all-around vibrant and catchy track that you will undeniably fall in love with the way we did.

You can listen to “Run Up” here!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Pharaoh Hussein! Talk to us about your background and upbringing. What initially inspired you to pursue music?

Just overall the effect it has on people. Music can uplift you motivate you to do a lot of things music is powerful seeing artists like Pac and Jay and the influence they had and have just inspired me initially.

Let’s talk about your single “Run Up”. What was the overall concept of this record?

The concept was just basically speaking from that underdog state of mind which some people can relate to having a chip on their shoulder and wanting to say certain things but can't.

Mind detailing to our readers your approach to lyrically crafting this hit together?

Say what you want to say don't hold back was my approach but still keep in engaging and entertaining you know why so serious lol!

What was the most challenging aspect of creating “Run Up” and why?

Probably the mixing process the song wasn't anything out the ordinary but getting the mix to sound crisp and clean it ran threw some previous versions to get to this one.

What’s next for you Pharaoh Hussein?

Well, the video for run-up dropping in December and we got another video off the project dropping as well right now mainly just going to push this project but I'm always creating tons of songs in the vault 2020 is going to be an exciting year trust.