Phase3, Aka Queen Shatai, Keeps It Honest On Latest Single, “Tragic Potential Love”

Phaze3 is a multi-genre artist who has been releasing hot tracks in the music industry like "Don't Rattle Me," "Sipping," "Seed The King," and "The Motion," among many more.

Now, as an independent artist who has previously experienced most of her writing, singing, and rapping in Gospel music; Phaze3 is now stepping into a new genre by releasing her first Pop/ R&B creation: "Tragic Potential Love."

"Tragic Potential Love" is a piece with so many emotions wrapped up in wholehearted lyrics by the experienced songwriter while serenading it to perfection. Phase3 takes us deep into her thoughts of what the relationship might be and the tragic risks that come with real love.

Throughout "Tragic Potential Love," Phaze3 sings about the life her other half is living and how it has cast a shadow on their once solidified relationship. Yet, as her trust wanes, her unconditional love remains unchanged. Phaze3 acknowledges that the good times seem to be marked more and more by the bad, admitting the "down and outs weren't made for me," no longer able to be strung along in the constant games.

The vulnerability Phaze3 offers on "Tragic Potential Love" is an anthem for listeners that are going through similar situations, adding comfort and strength to see Phaze3 openly discuss these feelings and stand tall throughout.

Phaze3, who is now known as Queen Shatai, is eager and ready to give her fans new music, new vibes, and performances worldwide.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Phaze3, and congratulations on your release "Tragic Potential Love." How did this song come about, and what was your main inspiration for it? "Tragic Potential Love" came about from different places of emotions that occurred over the last couple of years of my life as it relates to love. I have had several experiences that have crossed my path from working on my gift of healing that led me to visit old places that I had forgotten about. So due to these feelings that surfaced, they became trapped, or we can even say smothered, between me and other guys who showed me that they wanted real love with me. But because of my current relationship status, those strong feelings of love had to be temporarily masked until allowed to potentially turn into something great. My main inspiration for this track was women. I thought about women who are currently in the same situation I'm in, as well as women who are not in the same situation but feel strongly that they just want love to work; they want their men to be on the same page as they are with their feelings; they want to see their man make positive changes so the relationship can work.

In "Tragic Potential Love," you show many emotions and true character, how did you get yourself into that zone when creating this record?

It was not hard at all getting into the zone of this song because that love is still being masked and lives inside of me; it still resides in my heart. So when singing this song to myself, I just simply tap into those places where I have safely secured that love bond. So when I open up, emotions surface, then I close my eyes and go into remembrance; and visiting those old moments that are captured in my heart and mind helps me to be able to connect with the song.

You've mentioned being a multi-genre artist. What do you believe to be your favorite genre and why? I believe my favorite genre will be Pop because you can do so much with pop music. A lot of creativity happens in Pop music. "Tragic Potential Love" shares many lyrics people can relate to, but what would you like your supporters to take away from the record?

I would like my supporters to understand that when you meet real love, don't abuse it or misuse it. Work at it with each other and give it a chance to grow, and never put a timeline on real love because when real love happens to you; you need to actually be more attentive to it, nurture and shelter it, and remember to never leave it alone because if you do…it can tragically die.

What's next for you?

What's next on Phaze3's list is to, of course, grow more in music, grow more as an artist and get to know more of who I am. Connect more with different people in the business and see what all options are out there for me.