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Phayze-Won Finds His Throne In A New Album, ‘I AM KING’

Dedicated hip-hop recording artist, rapper, and songwriter Phayze-Won blesses our speakers with a thrilling new 12-track album, 'I AM KING.'

Phayze-Won wrote his first rhyme at the age of eleven. Since then, he's been influenced by an eclectic collection of music that led him to be a part of groups like Triple X. Now making his own lane with his solo career, Phayze-Won is letting us know he's here to stay with bang-up new projects like the recent, 'I AM KING.'

The record kicks into gear with the intro track, "Intro," featuring Phayze-Won's wife, Catherine King. She sets the scene with a mystical tale about the T-Dot-O and the kings that emerged from the land that yearn to head back to the good old days.

The musical portion of the album begins with the title track, "I AM KING," featuring Warrzone, Big Loots, and Terrah Omega. This song is one of the most powerful and heavy-hitting we've ever heard, slapping the speakers with energy, might, and King moves.

Each track on this album is incredibly distinct, and you start to understand this through songs like "Social Dilemma" featuring Juic3. This song discusses the "Twitter fingers" of society and the new yet fake "power" we hold behind the screen.

Phayze-Won turns down the energy and ups the emotion in track number four, "Lil Piece of my heart." This piece brings more of a bright pop/hip-hop sound while Phayze-Won passionately wishes to make things right with someone special.

Bringing the serenity and peace is track number five, "Cloudy Days," featuring Miss Monroe's stunning and heavenly vocals. As she sings of not feeling pain anymore now that she's with her soulmate, Phayze-Won offers a similar passionate theme that's truly refreshing.

Landing on the album's halfway point with the sixth track, "Bag," this powerhouse tune features Strategist and smacks the speakers with energy and cash. We love this track's expensive and badass feel; it perfectly turns up the vibe into this punchy modern hip-hop atmosphere.

The seventh track, "Faward," is the perfect song for any summer jam. Featuring Gov'nah, this groovy tune brings all the love and passion within a playful summer fling while grooving through our speakers with island vibes and a light, afrobeat feel.

Phayze-Won lets us know the importance of having a ride or die in the eighth track, "Real Love," featuring JmaX. This track is packed with nostalgia, from the smooth bars to the upbeat sonics. We also adore the theme of togetherness that encourages us to lean on those we trust most.

Say goodbye to the fakes and hello to the "Drip" in track number nine. Featuring Brizz, this powerhouse tune introduces us to the world of icy drip, expensive habits, private jets, and thanking the Lord for seeing another drippy day.

In the event you get hungry, feast your ears on the album's tenth track, "Meatballs & Spaghettini." Phayze-Won is solo in this playful and lively track, which smokes our speakers with a bouncy Kendrick-type beat alongside a hungry and determined Phayze-Won.

Bringing around Don Von Jovi and Miss Monroe for the eleventh track, "Ol' Dayz," Phayze-Won blesses our ears with a blissful anthem for nostalgia. We love the passionate feel of this track that takes us into when life was easier and the times when we didn't have a care in the world.

Reaching the album's final track, "Glory," we're met with the stylings of Warrzone, Miss Monroe, and Catherine King. This empowering and breezy outro track discusses how we must live with positivity, less aggression, and more faith. This Gospel-like tune is the perfect way to end the record, serving a hot plate of hope for listeners to take away.

Get to know the sounds and ways of Phayze-Won with his latest dynamic 12-track album, 'I AM KING,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Phayze-Won. We can't get enough of the empowering vibes and groovy feel of your new album, 'I AM KING.' What inspired you to create this confident and powerful project?

I wanted to reach further outside my comfort zone, challenge myself and show my diversity as an artist. I also wanted to try new sounds with this album, so there's something for everyone. This album is called I AM KING because my last name is King. This album pays tribute to my life journey and to my parents. I wanted to make sure there are songs for everyone to enjoy, relate to, or just get up and dance to.

What was it like collaborating with the many artists on 'I AM KING?' What did they bring to the table that you were looking for?

It was an amazing experience collaborating with other artists, sharing ideas, and recording for this album. They brought talent, positive energies, and excellence to the table, which is what I was looking for. I'm grateful for them being a part of this project. I have great respect for them as artists.

Do you have a personal favorite track from 'I AM KING?' What makes that song so special to you?

"Glory" is my favorite because it makes me feel love and light. I find it to be a very positive and powerful track. It's that light coming out of a dark tunnel in life.

What did you want your audience to experience when listening to 'I AM KING?' What did you want them to take away?

I want them to experience 'I AM KING' because, to me, the album takes you through a journey. So to listen from beginning to end, it tells a story that I want the audience to enjoy, feel and experience.

Would you say this album would help new listeners get to know who you are? How does 'I AM KING' represent you and what you stand for?

I feel listeners would definitely get to know more about me as an artist from listening to my album. 'I AM KING' represents me, my life experiences, and I am a King. That's my last name.


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