Phayze-Won's Phenomenal Work Ethic Has Gained Him Huge Success!

Phayze-Won wrote his first rhyme at the age of 11 and has been influenced by an eclectic collection of music in which his father owned. Phayze-Won is a hip-hop performing artist and a singer/songwriter that has been bringing us his contrasting and mixed bag of music since back in 1998 when he was part of a group called Triple X, with two other artists Strategist and Pre-FX. Phayze-Won realized he was more fit to be an independent artist and went on to release an album titled “Reality Muzic” then two other mixtapes after. Phayze-Won is a consistent hard-worker whose work ethic has caused various success for him in different avenues of music. His most recent work has been on two albums, one being “Elixir” that was released in December of 2018, and produced by Toronto based producer/engineer Jay Roc A lot. This unique album is catered to everyone with them real Elixir sounds & vibes for people to relish in and become entertained by.

The dynamic duo has just released a follow-up album together called Elixir Vol.2 released November 2019 and this one is a must-listen album with such diverse songs to get a charge out of like “What’s Next”, “Looking Glass” & “Beast Mode”. So what’s next for this striving artist? Phayze-Won is currently working on a project called #IAMKING that will have a mix of hip-hop, reggae, and R&B sounds coming at you later in 2020 so be on the lookout because this one’s going to be a hundred proof with some surprise collaborations!

Listen to Phayze-Won here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Phayze-Won! You have a unique artist name that’s surely an attention grabber, What’s the story behind the name?

Well growing up you hear people saying things like “he’s going through a phase” and one day I drove past a construction site and the sign said “phase 1 of construction” so I got the idea and changed the spelling of phase to Phayze and I changed the 1 to Won as in winning….this Phayze-Won! And that’s how I came up with my artist name.

What was the theme that surrounded your album “Reality Muzic? 

To give an introduction of myself, life struggles & reality through my music with Reality Muzic being my first album.

What arrangements did you seek to help create this atmosphere?

I didn’t have to make arrangements to create this atmosphere because I was writing from my heart and inspired by my own personal experiences of how I viewed & felt about life at that time. 

What are some of the challenges you faced in the making of both albums “Elixir Vol.1” and “Elixir Vol.2”?

I think the biggest challenges were trying to compromise with my partner on these projects & producer for both albums  J Roc because we wanted to make sure that there was a real mix a real elixir of songs for everyone to enjoy.

Let’s talk about the project you’re currently working on, #IAMKING. What can we expect from this?

Well for starters I can say that you can expect the unexpected from me on this project. I will be collaborating with some big-name artists and ill be stepping out of my comfort zone mixing genres of music together. I want this album to be high energy that’ll make everyone get up and move.

Did you experiment with any new elements during the creative process of your upcoming release #IAMKING?

Yes, I’ve definitely stepped out of my realm on this one experimenting with different mixing of sounds like reggae, dancehall mixed in with hip hop. They say life begins out of your comfort zone and I'm enjoying the process, having fun with it.

What’s next for you in 2020 Phayze-Won?

A: I’d say to be on the lookout for the release of #IAMKING 

And in the meanwhile go check out ELIXIR vol.2 just released and is available on all digital platforms.