Phaze3 Shares The True Meaning Of “Gadsden County Healing” In New Interview!

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Queen! It wasn’t long since we’ve last featured your music! How do you stay on track to create relevant content so consistently?

Honestly, I set a plan on the how, when and where . I put a plan in place on how far I want my music to grow. I look at the things that need to be done to grow my music and try to start reaching those goals. Then I put a plan in place of when I want my content released. I give myself time frames and try to stick to them. I don’t really believe in beating yourself down trying to pull music from places within you that haven’t matured. Music has to mature in you in order for you to pull from those inner places. Time develops all.

Then I move on to thinking where I want my music to be placed. I ask myself should I try to put my music here, there, or everywhere. Then when I decide; that’s when I set plans for placement in those areas.

Where is the best setting to listen to “Gadsden County Healing”, and what do you hope people take away from it?

The Gadsden County Healing song is literally like all over the place. You can find it on almost all digital music stores as well as the song and video on my YouTube channel Phaze3 Muzic. The things that I wanted people to take away from the Gadsden County Healing song was to believe that even though we as a community just encountered a terrible storm that had affected our area severely; and despite other issues from the past that affected our community; and despite what our eyes see and our hearts feel, that God will heal our home again!

I wanted Gadsden County to understand,”Unity”; in such that, despite what the government was or was not doing in our eye sights fast enough; that we still have each other to lean and depend on; and in situations like this it’s vitally important to unite and make things work for our community. I wanted to give this song to my community to help them heal. The Gadsden County Healing song was of course written by me; but it was also written from a place of hurt. It devastated me to come home and see my county look the way it did and I wanted to do nothing but to cry out to the Lord; to please , heal my home again!

A self-proclaimed Queen, what sets you apart from other hip-hop artists?

I think at this point in my new music career what sets me apart is my Prophetic anointing. The thing about being a Prophet means change, movement, growth ,healing ,etc. I’m not an artist who soul goal is just trying to make money off of my art. I am an artist whom my art of music will benefit people in their homes; people who are living in difficult situations ; people who have things they are holding onto but scared to say it and scared to release their true selves. My music will speak to their hearts and minds and move their spirit. My music will cause breakthroughs. It will give you energy to move and dance and shake things on your body you never knew you had before. Music is a big part of life! My music will reach people of all ages and races. I’m praying that everyone around the globe will open up their doors to their homes and let the Prophetic Queen Warrior, take care of you and yours musically.

What was the creation process like for this song?

The Gadsden County Healing song was created from emotions. I have always hated seeing people hurt and having loss in their lives; and the process of writing for me ,started off with me being in the dark from the storm in my bed with one candle next to me on the nightstand.

I had worries about my family whom lived outside my home as well as my friends and my community. I asked the Lord to help me pick a beat and write this song that I knew was in me; because I just had to give my community something! So I picked up the paper and pencil and I used whatever battery life I had left on my phone to turn on Youtube to find a music beat. I typed in the search bar ,Tragic beats ,and the second beat I heard I knew that was it. I then started writing from a place of hurt and concern for my community. I needed to cry out to the Lord for help for us because we were in serious trouble!

In less than two hours I was done writing the song and I remember singing it all night. My husband did not get any rest. He tossed all night as I began working on the vocals for this song. I would not rest ! Then God led me to a studio in Gadsden County that specialized in this type of music and they worked fast and efficient and got the song produced as well as helping with the connection to get the video recorded and produced. I knew it was God because of how fast everything went for me doing this time with this song.

What are your main aspirations as an artist going forward?

Going forward, I want my music to help mature me and help me grow to the highest potential musically I can grow to. Of course I want awards, and honors and recognitions and to see my music hit top spots on billboards; that’s so exciting; but also I want people to just love me and enjoy me and support me watch me do my thang!

What other projects are you working on through the end of 2019?

I am working on the biggest project of my new music career and that’s the Gospel album. It’s like no other! I am also working on the video to my new hot single, Don’t Rattle Me. As a spiritual leader I’m also working on getting the world fit through exercise and dieting through my outreach program called ,Fitness For Life. You can follow me at ,Destiny Divine Deliverance of Praise Health Ministry for this program. I am thankful for these tasks.

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