Phil Capri Wastes No Time With Delivering A Bopping Hit, “Wasted”

Phil Capri is the local vocal mastermind who was born and raised in Pasadena California. To parents Cheryl and Phil Sr under the tutelage of his mother with the help of his brother Scott AKA S.D. Capri got his early footing singing in the church choir, Soon after realizing a passion for Music he formed the R&B/Hip Hop Duo known as Musically Challenged with his brother SD. later on , Phil began to sing background to some noteworthy stars including Jesse McCartney, and Jordin Sparks just to name a few. Now as a seasoned artist Phil Capri is primed to release his first solo effort in music since the release of the acclaimed debut from Musically Challenged titled “Music Theory 626”. With a renewed voice in songwriting and the amazing production of Ponderville’s Own James Jet, Phil Capri is excited for the world to hear this new project.

Phil Capri released his single titled “Wasted” and it’s a smooth-sailing jam that has a nice rnb vibe with a mix of feel-good hip-hop. “Wasted” delivers the vibe without even trying. Some songs reaches attemption in trying to sound like a “hit” and it’s easily detectable. However, “Wasted” by Phil Capri doesn’t do too much to create the perfect mood for its listener, it just naturally does it. “Wasted” adds emphasis on the “Feel good” aura of music that we love. Who doesn’t love a song that releases the perfect endorphins in our body in which we just pleasantly love to consume the sounds? An highly enticing record, Phil Capri weaves the lines between multiple genres in one highly addictive hit tune. “Wasted” could be a solid radio hit because it’s so appealing and has the mainstream flare to the image. The melodies were atmospheric and Avant-garde with a compelling fusion of contemporary and classic. Phil Capri is undeniably an artist to watch!

Listen to "Wasted" here, and don't forget to scroll below for Phil Capri's exclusive interview.

What are some major differences in releasing a solo project opposed to releasing a project in a group?

The biggest difference for me was not having my partner in crime, My brother S.D., to bounce ideas off of and pick up the slack when I felt I was slipping. The one thing I can say that I enjoyed about releasing this solo project was that I truly got to be vulnerable with my writing. Allowing me to express some themes in my music that I wasn't necessarily comfortable sharing in a group setting.

Tell us about your single “Wasted” and the theme behind it?

The song Wasted is a song about Self-Medication. I have battled with depression and anxiety for some years now and I refuse to take any opiate based medicine because of the reported overdoses and side effects. Due to that I have been a cannabis user to combat the depression and anxiety for over 10 years now. This song is truly about my struggle with telling my truths to the world. Smoking or ingesting cannabis allows my anxiety to subside and the words to flow. The opening line of the song best sums up the theme for me and it simply says " Speak from the Heart only when I'm Wasted".

What inspired you to write “Wasted”?

The Inspiration for the song came from a few different places. One of which being the producer of the record, James Jet. we have worked with each other musically for many years and he knows my mental health battles and told me it might be good idea to get vulnerable and open up with my writing. So I did and so far so good lol.

What are some of the main challenges you have to face in your career?

My main challenge has always been staying consistent. The music industry is very fickle. After reaching what I thought was the "big time" in singing background for Jesse McCartney and Jordan Sparks, I realized that my success depended on their success. Now with the knowledge and experience I've gained over the years I know now that the key to longevity in this industry is staying consistent with your work ethic.

What’s next for you through 2019?

Next up for Phil Capri, dropping more music soon, definitely be on the lookout for that this year. And who knows maybe you'll see me on tv winning a grammy next february? Who knows? lol


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