Philadelphia Native ParkerSims Shows His Heart In “Love Hard”

Born in Philadelphia, talented rapper and lyricist ParkerSims moved around a lot as a child. His musical influence started when he was very young, his mother would play music to soothe him and stop his crying. This eventually developed into his true passion for music. Now living back in Philadelphia, ParkerSims strives to create music that people from all walks of life can vibe and relate to. Don’t sleep on this up and coming artist!

“Love Hard” is a catchy hip-hop love anthem all about ParkerSims’ girl and the love that they share. The high energy vibe and emotive lyricism comes pounding through the speakers as ParkerSims tells us all the reasons his girl is the best for him. Meaningless flings will never compare to that special person and ParkerSims knows that. The raw and powerful energy exuded throughout this track is admirable. ParkerSims remains authentic and transparent while he tells the story of his real life experiences. “Love Hard” is a retrospective track that takes the listener through ParkerSims’ true feelings. ParkerSims gives the listener a chill vibe and smooth track while they can easily take in his creativity. ParkerSims plays with an experimental arrangement of the trap beats as his main back beat and we’re loving it. I highly recommend you check out this track and stay on the lookout for ParkerSims!

Check out “Love Hard” here and read more with ParkerSims in our interview below.

Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by introducing yourself to our readers?

My real name is Malachi Adams-Powell and my Artist name is ParkerSims I started taking music seriously about four months ago, and I plan on doing it for a long time.

How did you get started making music?

Answer- I started making music by recording myself on Audacity then one day I decided to pay for some studio time at a professional studio.