Philip Morris Boasts Lyrical Wit With His Latest, “Drink on Me”

Philip Morris is high-energy music. Initially, when making hip-hop music, Philip Morris was driven by a desire to imitate the flows of artists like Dr. Dre, Kanye West, and MF Doom, in an effort to gain the skillset. Attempting to display these skills came two tapes of arguably insincere, retroactively-cringe-inducing music, hip-hop was put on the back-burner. During this self-induced hiatus, trap music, and SoundCloud rap took off in a huge way.  Specifically, Lil Pump's hilarious, braggadocios, neo-punk delivery inspired Philip Morris’ return to the genre, but with different intentions than before. Philip Morris aka PM creates infectious, innovative, clever, music for heavy drinking, powerlifting, and introspection.  A tough blend of quick-witted bars, lush melodies, and hard-hitting instrumentals. PM is not to be missed, and hard to forget.

“Drink on Me”, featured on PM’s album titled “Drink Up!!” and we can’t get enough. High energy from beginning to end, “Drink on Me” hits the mic hard. They bring the party energy to any event and have us bumping this incredible track on repeat! All about having a good time, PM knows how to create good vibes and relatable lyrics. “Drink on Me” is the perfect song for a late-night crushing drinks with your friends, or for diving into and dissecting the lyrics. “Drink on Me” boasts insanely catchy lyrics and an all-around infectiously energizing mood. 

Listen to “Drink on Me” here and read more with Philip Morris below! 

Hey Philip Morris! Can you start by introducing yourself to our readers? How did you know you wanted to start making music?

Hey Buzz Media! I am Philip Morris aka PM. I am from Victoria, BC, Canada. I think of this project as being a "Sandbox Game" like Grand Theft Auto where I have the freedom to play around with various genres, punchlines, feelings, homages, pop culture references, etc. I have been extremely passionate about music since a young age, having been in various school bands, and choirs from elementary age. I have been involved with various experimental music groups/projects for ages, but hip hop was my first passion.

“Drink on Me” is a dope track! What inspired it?

I drank 8 beers while we recorded this song. I was particularly obsessed with Charli XCX, and Tears for Fears at the time. I was also inspired by "A Grand to Come for Free" by The Streets, which is very, very British sounding, and also very, very funny. I found it fun to play this drunken British scumbag who cannot take responsibility for himself, and 'gaslights' everyone around him. Perhaps, I have been that person as well.

What’s the hip-hop music scene like in your hometown?

I do not think I am the one to ask this.  There a few hip-hop artists I've connected with here, but it certainly is not something dominant here.  I particularly like James Joyce 1307, S.A.M. & D.E.X., and Darren Day.  For the most part, however, I am creating with my friends, or more recently people I find on Instagram and sound cloud.

What would be your dream venue to perform?

I have yet to perform in a nightclub with this project, and I truly believe my music as PM would resonate with that audience. I also really fuck with Philadelphia's hip hop scene so perhaps somewhere there.

What’s next for you?

I am focused on finding all the local people who are willing to collaborate. I want to step outside my normal wheelhouse, and learn from others. Then this will hopefully mean Chris and I we can produce an even better fourth record.

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