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Philly Artist, S.P Blu, Puts In “Work” With His New Hit!

S.P. Blu who goes by the birth name of Ontae Jamir Goodwin, is an American Hip-hop music recording artist all the way from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Growing up in the south of Philly, S.P. Blu has always had a love for music, inspired by other rappers in which included, Nas, The Lox, Beanie Segal, Jay Z, Wu-tang, 2pac, Biggie Smalls, and more! Blu has been rhyming ever since he was 15 years old, but wasn’t consistent about it until his adult years.

Blu released the single “Work” featuring the artist, Tweezy and we’re here for this fun, light-hearted single that’s gonna have everybody moving. The energy presented in this record was perfect. I was able to listen to “Work” while naturally rocking my head back and forth with the music. This was an indicator to me that “Work” has this magic effect on it that will have its listener hypnotized! I liked how both rappers had a complete different approach, flow, and style of rapping, yet they fused together extremely well. Presenting nice chemistry throughout the song, they still managed to project the same meaning behind the record, just with different approaches. The hook had a nice, contagious melody we loved. It had us singing along, especially when they repeated the phrase “Work, Work, Work”. This fun, vibrant, and charismatic song is right up our alley, and would be great for this summer motivation. A song that inspires you to put in work, and accomplish what you need to accomplish, I will be personally blasting this single everywhere this summer break! How about you?

Listen to "Work" here and get o know more about S.P Blu below!

Welcome to Buzzmusic Blu! How has it been growing up in Philly!? In what ways has your upbringing impact your music?

Hey thanks for having me well growing up in philly has a good side and a bad side it taught me how to be a man at a young age losing my father and friends to violence at a young age. 60% of my music is about Experiences I’ve had in philly the best music come from real life Expectancies I have a lot to talk about lol

Tell us about your single “Work”. What was the theme behind this?

Well the theme behind work is to go hard at whatever you do in life no matter how hard or taught the situation is you gotta put in the WORK! You gotta grind hard to be successful

How does “Work” stand-out from other hip-hop songs in the market currently?

To me it’s a hit it has a up North feel as well as a down south vibe and it should inspire you to go hard an put in work in ya everyday life no matter what profession or job tile is you have to Put in work to be the best

In what ways have your inspirations, inspire you?

To stand out an be great and to be a leaders so I can inspire others

What’s next for you?

Well I’m gonna continue to push and promote Work!! It’s doing well I have a few songs I’m gonna release every other month to stay consistent and I’m gonna provide visuals for those songs next visual it for “What I’m feeling “ be on the look out for that subscribe to my YouTube channel S.P.BLU or follow me on Instagram or Twitter @sp_blu to stay connected


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