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Philosopha Brings a Catchy Beat to Individuals' Indecisive Qualities in new Single “Iffy"

Writing his own music since the age of nine, singer-songwriter Philosopha hails from the Chicago southside where he produces hip-hop and rap beats.

Basing his new single “Iffy” on an individual's feelings of being indecisive when faced with a challenging situation or test, Philosopha draws from the long list of difficulties he has faced in his life. From losing his brother to gun violence, mother to breast cancer, and firstborn child at 4 months old, these experiences truly shaped Philosopha as an individual as well as his music journey to create this highly melodic track.

While each lyric contains a feeling of uncertainty and doubt, the captivating beat brings a motivating and positive spin to this track. “Iffy” draws in listeners to a hip-hop/rap single that vibrates with energy and emotion.

With every additional musical layer, Philosopha is able to create a relatable connection as he touches on the emotional states so many of us feel within our lifetime and experiences. The production of this track is unmatched and it is rare to find artists with the talent of turning such a difficult trait-like indecisiveness into catchy rap and hip-hop tracks.

There is such a strong personal connection created within “Iffy” and we can’t wait to watch Philosopha continue to grow as an artist.

Your new track “Iffy” is such a catchy soundtrack with memorable meaning. What was the process like when creating this single?

I am the embodiment of my music. I was going through a phase of my life where I was experiencing developing a sense of choice and decisiveness. Most people dance in between the idea of certainty. The song iffy is all about being unsure in life and understanding the power of choice.

You mentioned the variety of hardships you have encountered so far in your life that have led you to your position now and musical ability. How do you think these difficult events impact your personal sound within “Iffy” and your other music? The experiences of my life have completely shaped my artistry and my music. After dealing with so many situational circumstances of life, I utilize that energy converting into a positive for me to deliver unique music to my audience.

Although you have found so much success writing music from a young age do you find yourself playing any instruments or is that something you are interested in for this new year?

I have written music since youth but I have the understanding my voice is my instrument of life. Everyone has pieces of their life that we learn and that we are born with. I was born with the gift of speech. But so far no actual musical instruments.

What do you think is the next step for you as an artist and how do you think you will make music that grows off of the successful sound of this track?

Well, I appreciate the compliment and constructive view of my tunes. I have the goal to reach people through them relating to my life, lyrics, and emotions I evoke. I appreciate the energy that circles around in order to create the feeling I desire when making music. As I continue I am focused on who I am as an artist, a person, and a father.

What can we expect to see next from you?

Be on the lookout for new music from me coming soon. I have singles and an amazing ep that I can’t wait to share with the world. The visuals are different from anything I have worked on in the past. I am very excited to reveal to the world what I have in store for 2021.



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