Philosopha is Philosophic with his Lyrics

From Maywood Westside, Chicago, Philosopha likes to keep his music full of witty lyrics, and never fails to include a playful edge. The rapper and MC often draws from the talents of female singers to add more vocal depth to his music. With his direct voice, fans will feel like Philosopha is rapping to them and only them. His authenticity allows listeners to understand the emotions he experienced during his writing process. Although he is well known for his delivery of flowing verses over hip hop beats, Philosopha’s thoughtful lyricism is what wins over his fans. The charismatic rapper lives up to his stage name with his poetic and introspective lyrics. By writing a narrative of personal experience and opinions with his music, he takes his fans on a journey with each song. With his knowledge of culture, he is able to communicate his original perspectives of society. Philosopha has stated, “the culture is what I know, the culture is what I love,” and with his music, he is able to translate culture to fans through his own language of music.