Pierre Giovanni Gives Us a Production Gift With Latest Album

Pierre Giovanni is an incredible producer, and recently coming out with his latest album, filled with evolutionary mixes, we can safely say we’re blown away with the evident talent Pierrepossesses as an artist. Pierre Giovanni exhibits such a mastered way of producing his tracks in his latest album, and we’re incredibly connected with his sound. We went through his entire album “Sleep Paralysis, Vol. 2: Its Dark Out in Fata Morgana” , and truly couldn’t find one track we didn’t vibe with. Pierre knows the sounds listeners want to hear, what they’re intrigued by, and he creates that exact sound to share and express to his listeners with. We’re here for all of it, and we know you Buzz listeners will be too!

“Please Wake Up” is the first track off of Pierre’s latest album “Sleep Paralysis, Vol. 2: Its Dark Out in Fata Morgana”. The eerie and haunting vibe that this interlude gives you is indirectly predominant. “Please Wake Up” sets off the album’s overall vibe with how the overall execution will be on the production side. As we listened on to the rest of the album, we realized this initial belief of the album being gloomy and haunting was false. We’re surprised with the sounds Pierre can produce—they’re intricate, fascinating in their very own. Each and every song produces different atmospheres—some haunting, but some relaxed, and others giving listeners a sense of confidence, the same type of vibe we feel in a Travis Scott track. Our personal favorite: “Incubus”. We’re feeling like we’re floating on a cloud with this hip hop/rap single, curating an overall tranquil aura to the track. Pierre has mastered and mixed every track on his album, and we’re blown away with the level of expertise these tracks require to produce the sounds we’re hearing. On top of that, Pierre has only been in the production game for about a year, and so obviously BuzzMusic readers can see why we’re fascinated beyond repair with Pierre!

Be fascinated with us by listening to Pierre’s latest track “Please Wake Up” and our favorite track “Incubus” here

Continue reading for Pierre’s interview with BuzzMusic!

Hey Pierre! The sounds you create are amazing. We love your latest album “Sleep Paralysis, Vol. 2: Its Dark Out in Fata Morgana”. Tell us more about the curation process for this album.

With the project, I began working on it like a year ago and had the idea of wanted to do with it. The idea was to  create a twilight zone of different thing happening but have one message all together. So the title itself “Sleep Paralysis, Vol. 2: Its Dark Out in Fata Morgana” represents that fear is a state of mind. The “Sleep Paralysis” part is self explanatory which is fear. “It’s Dark Out” is the occurrence of this fear which is in your head. “Fata Morgana”’ in which I used the darker meaning, are those different hallucinations or phenomenons within the Sleep Paralysis. Everything thing we fear, at least to me, aren’t things that you fear. It’s you running away from things that you don’t want to face and/or don’t have the confidence to do. So the tracks starts off light and then becomes darker and also the song titles and production help with the structure. 

2) How do you see yourself as an artist? If you could describe your visions for yourself as an artist in one word, what would it be?

I see my self as an outcast because of the type of music I make. I don’t make the typical hip hop music that you would hear on the radio because of subject matter and production. It’s seen as “weird music” but I look at it as innovative and influential. I see my self as in “Perfectionist”. When I began working on a song it takes me like 2 or 3 days to working on that song because  I want to make sure that it sound as great as possible. If I hear something I don’t like I will start over and add something else. That also happens a lot when I mix and master a song. If I add an effect I would it to be one of he most impactful things on the track. I choose quality  over quantity any day when it comes to my art.

3) Have you thought about collaborating with any artist lately? If you could have collaborated with any artist of your choosing for your recent album, who would it have been?

I’ve actually collaborate with a few artist recently. I’ve made songs with my boy Bxanax Reezy off his project. I also with this other local Kansas City names Silence. The song is Called “On the Regular” it’s a Soundcloud. That guy is an amazing artist. He’s one of my favorites out Right now.  If I could have collaborated with any artist off my recent project I would’ve had JID, ScHoolboy Q, The Weeknd Tierra Wack, Kanye, Pusha T, Tyler the Creator, Rico Nasty, Three 6 Mafia, UGK, Denzel Curry or  A$AP Rocky. I know it’s a lot but those are some I have in mind. 

4) Where/who do you draw most of your inspirations from?

I draw most of my inspirations from this TV show called The Twilight Zone. That basically where I got the idea of the theme for my project. Kanye West, Pusha T, UGK, Three 6 Mafia, The Weeknd, A$AP Mob, Nas, Alternative Hip Hop/RnB. 

5) Will we be seeing more releases from you within the rest of 2019?

Yes, I’m working on a another Project called “Toronto”. I’m gonna release it at the end of the year. I might drop a Ep and/or a few songs but I don’t wanna flood market. But Toronto most definitely dropping at the end of the year. 

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