PiKe BLVD Wants You To Know He’s “Not Average”

Music and writing has always played an integral part of PiKe BLVD’s life. Born in Chester, PA then raised in Delaware, writing quickly became a way for him to work through his anger and emotions, rather than acting out on them. Growing up with a less than ideal childhood, PiKe BLVD was able to use his writing as an outlet. Around 2012, PiKe BLVD began making music.  He wrote his first hip-hop single, “Be Free”, which wouldn’t actually be released for another two years. His early influences include Common, T.I., Kanye West, Nas, and Jay Electronica among others and he describes his writing style as “dealing with emotions without being emotional.” PiKe pulls from his own experiences, as well as what he observes in the lives of those around him. In 2016, PiKe suffered a life threatening injury that he believes truly saved him. In addition to giving him a new outlook on life, his experience can be heard in the messaging of his music. 

“Not Average” is PiKe BLVD’s latest single and we’re bumping it on repeat! Different perspectives, unity and awareness, intention and ambition, everything comes through in “Not Average”, alongside PiKe BLVD’s own journey and the lessons he has learned so far. “Not Average” showcases element of personal strength fused with a complex and deeply human experience. The verses present thoughts on the past and the future alike, laying out details and a background that let you get a clearer image of PiKe BLVD and where he came from. I highly recommend this new track “Not Average” and stay tuned for more from PiKe BLVD. 

Check out “Not Average” here and read more with PiKe BLVD in our interview below! 

Hey PiKe BLVD! Can you start by introducing yourself to our readers? How did you get started making music?

What’s up World!!! Let me start off by introducing myself. I got by the name PiKe BLVD. I know you’re wondering why the name PiKe BLVD? It stands for Paul Is Killing Everything....

Paul being my name. I couldn’t I couldn’t imagine being introduced on stage as...Paul. I later added “BLVD” as a last name to give distinction to PiKe.

So, I got started in music a child. My dad would play his guitar and write songs and poem. As a teen, I would freestyle with friends but didn’t know anything other than that at the time. 

Later, the verses began to express my emotions and what I experienced. Then later they became songs. 

What’s the Hip-Hop scene like in your hometown? How has this influenced the way you create your music?

To me, revival. There’s a will power here. That keeps me confident when I make music.

We really resonate with your track “Not Average”! What inspired you to write this?

Thank you. I appreciate the love. This song came about because I was talking to a child hood friend over the phone and starting reminiscing. So, we were laughing about this particular experience and then I recorded the song. The story goes ends off with them never finding the marijuana and all they gave out was a ticket for noise. We had the music turnt.

Tell us about what your dream collaboration would be like?

Wow. My dream collaboration? This is tough. I’d have to say, is Common. Reason being, there was a time in 2016 when I had to recover from a terrible head accident. His music brought a different peace during my healing. It brought me back to what I was trying to accomplish before my injury. Which is to spread love. I didn’t have the best child hood so I’m able to talk about it.  Shoot, today’s generation in the hood is no different. So I wanted to hear something and see more. I knew it was out there. Get back to the music. 

What’s next for PiKe BLVD?

Well, what’s next, is for me to drop this EP. (laughing) No, but, I plan on being more creative and innovative in this art of music. Eventually I may exceed my own expectations and reach other platforms. I believe growth is necessary. Allowing  change in yourself will get you there though. But what do I know?

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