Pink Dreamz Sends Out Important Message With “Brothers”

Pink Dreamz is a collab group made up of artists My Dreamz and Pink Beatz, along with other artists and producers from their record lable, OCMGVO. The duo have been creating their own beats since their earliest days of high school. They got together in 2019 to form Pink Dreamz and dropped their dope album titled “Same Dreamz”. They have a chilled out vibe that’s great for unwinding after a long day, or just for hanging out with friends.

My personal favorite track from “Same Dreamz” is called “Brothers”. This song reminds you to love and thank the real ones in your life who’ve been there for you through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Pink Dreamz sing about their brothers: “All got bills, all got jobs, all got girls, all need guap… I get up, back up again, this our year, I tell my friends, not my friends, I tell my brothers, cus’ they stuck around and not the others”. This verse makes you realize that not all of your “friends” have the best intentions for you, and that only a select few stick through the highs and lows. The message in the track “Brothers” is to recognize and appreciate the more sincere friends, or “brothers” in your life. Play this song with your realest friends to show them some love! Keep updated with Pink Dreamz and their future releases!

Check out "Brothers" here and read more below in our interview!

How does your friendship with one another impact the music that you make?

Pink (Pink Beatz) and I (My Dreamz) have been making music together our whole friendship.  It’s what we linked on.  With the undertaking of making “Pink Dreamz” a viable reality, we celebrate and beef with each other continuously over the music.  

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