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Pink Dreamz Sends Out Important Message With “Brothers”

Pink Dreamz is a collab group made up of artists My Dreamz and Pink Beatz, along with other artists and producers from their record lable, OCMGVO. The duo have been creating their own beats since their earliest days of high school. They got together in 2019 to form Pink Dreamz and dropped their dope album titled “Same Dreamz”. They have a chilled out vibe that’s great for unwinding after a long day, or just for hanging out with friends.

My personal favorite track from “Same Dreamz” is called “Brothers”. This song reminds you to love and thank the real ones in your life who’ve been there for you through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Pink Dreamz sing about their brothers: “All got bills, all got jobs, all got girls, all need guap… I get up, back up again, this our year, I tell my friends, not my friends, I tell my brothers, cus’ they stuck around and not the others”. This verse makes you realize that not all of your “friends” have the best intentions for you, and that only a select few stick through the highs and lows. The message in the track “Brothers” is to recognize and appreciate the more sincere friends, or “brothers” in your life. Play this song with your realest friends to show them some love! Keep updated with Pink Dreamz and their future releases!

Check out "Brothers" here and read more below in our interview!

How does your friendship with one another impact the music that you make?

Pink (Pink Beatz) and I (My Dreamz) have been making music together our whole friendship.  It’s what we linked on.  With the undertaking of making “Pink Dreamz” a viable reality, we celebrate and beef with each other continuously over the music.  

The catalogue of songs of us in the studio together goes back more than ten years…  

When it’s been that long you start recognizing patterns and cycles in your own habits.  We’ll ride a wave together and monumentally break ground for Pink Dreamz.  Pink falls back from the dream.  I’ll take on the world by myself, write him a diss track, and repeat.  We’ve been doing the same thing before even starting Pink Dreamz in 2016.  

We were pushing mixtapes at gas stations in high school together and beyond. It’s why the Dreamz are Pink and why it’s not “friend,” it’s “brother.”  I think you can hear that in the music we make together. Setting all percentages aside, every time we go through the process it’s an evolution. 

What is your writing process like?

I begin by getting into producer mode and really just start making a bunch of beats. I make beats until I feel like the beats I’m producing are the next level from where I was.  After I have a couple beats that I think I can use, I’ll write, rap, sing, and record songs until I make one track that I feel in my heart is the next step.

With that one song, the project or album usually unfolds. I don’t know where a lot of it comes from truthfully.  A lot of it is vague God sent ideas that I build, and build upon.  It’s like an artist looking at a slate of marble and seeing the sculptor before they chisel it out.  The songs and albums are already there, I just have to make them.

Can you talk about your track “Brothers” and the main theme behind it?

“Brothers” is me thanking my brothers from others and their mothers.  I’ve had a lot of friends but “my brothers” are the ones who ride, have rode with me from the jump, and never quit. 

It’s me thanking them for chasing this crazy dream with me.  It’s me almost apologizing to them that it’s never been “our year” like I’ve promised them it would be, every year.  It’s me coming to the resolution that, even if we never succeeded the way we wanted to, I wouldn’t have ever wanted to be doing anything else with anyone else. We have always been living the dream. “It was always our year.”

Before I can finish relaying and dedicating that notion to them, the song symbolically drops off into applause and cameras flashing because it finally happens… and the dreams come true.

What is the most important message behind brothers that you want your listeners to take with them?

The main take away I want listeners to get from the song “Brothers” which is also one of the themes of the album SAME DREAMZ, is “try, try again.”  

I tied in the theme of Brown v. The Board of Education into the release and album art of Same Dreamz because of that.  There is a timeline of events and cases that were not as successful at initiating the end of segregation in public schools before Brown v. The Board of Education, but each next one paved the road for the following one to go a little further.  

Perseverance of the heart changes the world.

Can we expect more music from you in 2019?

Definitely maybe.


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