Pittsburg Duo Surefire Releases New Pop-Rock Single “Boys. Cry. Love.”

SUREFIRE is a family duo from Pittsburg, PA; composed of brother-in-law/sister-in-law duo, Natalie and Jason. The pair seamlessly combine vastly different personal styles into infectious and magnetic tracks. Natalie’s vocals are powerful and have no trouble keeping pace with Jason’s danceable guitar strumming, and the combination is stunning. The duo describes themselves as being vastly different from one another, but the product of their talents is music that fits the two of them perfectly.

In 2019, SUREFIRE released an EP titled 'Who We Are,' a collection of songs that bear the heart and soul of the duo. In 2020, SUREFIRE released a single entitled, “Boys. Cry. Love.”, a pop-rock banger that brings Paramore and other nostalgic early 2000s indie to mind. Comparisons aside, SUREFIRE brings their own spin on things to the musical table, which can't be missed.

In “Boys. Cry. Love.”, Natalie drags an unintentional lover into the sunlight, and with a frustrated Shania Twain kick at that- ‘I’ve heard it all before, you’re not as clever as you think you are.” With catchy chords and a scorned woman at the helm, it's the kind of single you may just want to roll down the windows and drive with.

Listen to “Boys. Cry. Love.” here.