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PizzyPresh Has You Dancing This Summer With His New Hit “Hot Temper”

PizzyPresh is an artist all the way from West Africa Nigeria, who grew up listening to variations of music, but focuses heavily on afrobeat. PizzyPresh released the perfect summer hit, “Hot Temper”. The afrobeat recognized in the production of this record, radiates the correct amount of energy to get us moving and grooving with the sound. This rhythmic arrangement has you dancing rather you’re in the mood for it or not! It just has this special quality and trait that evokes a sense of fun into its listener. Who doesn’t love a good song to dance to, am I right!?

The vibes of this record gives you a vacation esque aura, which is absolutely fitting for the upcoming summer season. The register of PizzyPresh vocals were perfect and at the correct vocal quality and tone. He completely carries the record to its finish with a solid tone. The Caribbean vibes is what we couldn’t get over! It just absorbs you at its natural form, keeping its listener at an exhilarating energy levels throughout the entire song. Perfect for your beach trips, summer parties, and local kickbacks, this record is digestible for any setting, as it creates the tone on its own. Radio ready, PizzyPresh did more than just deliver, he executed “Hot Temper” to its fullest, keeping the energy high, and the melodies right! Bravo PizzyPresh.

Listen to "Hot Temper" here and get to know more about the artist in our interview below.

Hey PizzyPresh! Tell us a bit about yourself

OK UHM, PizzyPresh It’s a young African singer/songwriter that loves to sing and always be around music. I come from a very humble family of four children which I happen to be the Third child. I am currently in college studying Project Management (Business) major in the U.s Houston Texas precisely. Started composing songs from a little age but recording my first song at the age of 16.

What are some challenges you have faced so far in your music career?

Challenges? I would say I have not really faced challenges because there are more to come we just pray it does not become so hard to get out from but if I am to speak off any challenge that I have faced it will be that of Finance for pushing my music so far to the extent I could be known and heard home and while here in the U.S

Tell us about “Hot Temper” and the theme surrounding it

Hot temper is a an African song that basically talks about two lovers in a sour relationship with life’s ups and downs Apparently, the Man tries everything in his power to savage what is left of their relationship but the woman does not seem to have any of that, hence the line “Hot temper”.literally everything he does to please her turns out to infuriate her more. In general the whole idea came shortly after i had listened and vibe to the instrumental but just one line kept coming out from my mouth hot temper then i knew i figured out that i need to make an interesting story out of this.

From an artist perspective, how do you hope this song translates to its listeners?

I smile to this question, Well the thing about music is, it is a strong universal language where one does not necessarily need to come from the same place or culture but could making you addicted and vibing to the song that is just the law of music, so I hope they not only here and like it if this genre is new to any listener but rather surf for the meaning and story I’m trying to pass about that way they could enjoy it more.

Besides Afrobeat, are there any other genres you would consider exploring as an artist? Or are you more comfortable sticking with one?

Versatility sometimes helps in life, I grew up listening to so all kinds of genres of music played by father and that is why I believe I can sing on a few genres of music provided it’s pleasant to my hearing haven’t said that i love Rn&b and Reggaeton

What’s next for you PizzyPresh?

What’s next for Pizzypresh is to keep dropping new good music make the fans accept my style of music and sound and when i start getting recognition I will definitely drop an album.


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