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Place Some Faith In Nana Mensah And Slimflex With The Release Of, "My Rock of Ages"

Hailing from Rexdale, a little town in Toronto, Canada, Nana Mensah grew up through the struggles and came up from the trenches.

Michael Nana Mensa, colloquially known as Nana Mensah, has learned to lean on Christ through the trial and tribulations life has offered up. With his music, he wants to share his testimony to the world and let his generation know that they should not lose hope and faith in the lives that they live.

Collaborating with the talents of Slimflex, Nana Mensah puts forth the soul pervaded, rhythmic fusion of, “My Rock of Ages.” In the vibrant up-tempo instrumentation of this single, we are offered the cascading sound of golden saxophone notes, that pair brilliantly with the lively ambiance of the percussion.

You can feel the overflowing emotion that is transmitted with a sizzling passion as you become fixated on the vocal performance of Nana Mensah. Guiding us through the winding roads of his cadences as we capture the raw quintessence that lays in the depth of greater meaning behind the lyrics produced, Nana Mensah emphasizes his love for the Lord.

As he pours the finer sentiments of his being into the words he recites, we can hear lyrics illustrating the effect that the Lord has on both Nana Mensah and Slimflex. Offering up their praise, and gratitude, we effortlessly flow with their desire to pave inspiration for others to follow. Nana Mensah proves that he is exactly where he needs to be in his journey of life. Catering to those who need light through their dark paths strolled, he conveys his true spirit through the composition of, “My Rock of Ages.”

Hello, Nana Mensah, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the debut release of “My Rock of Ages.” With the amount of passion that went into this track, you have a wonderful dynamism with Slimflex. What was it like collaborating on this project together?

Ahh!!! God is Good! And God Showed up! Yes, Uncle Slim is who he is to me you know. Known him practically my whole life. He’s a Great man and Great Father, Great Uncle, And Great Musician a good mentor in music too. Working with him on this track was more than just a song because we come from the same place and he’s a man I look up to for a lot of advice and wisdom. God has blessed him and God used him at a point in my life to speak to me and that’s when the Holy Spirit led me to write this Gospel. The world must know that Jesus Christ My Redeemer Lives!!!

Could you please take us into what the creative process looked like when bringing, “My Rock of Ages,” to life?

Well the creative process, was really and truly through prayer. Had a heart to heart talk with SlimFlex, went home to do what I know how to do best which was pray and I hopped on YouTube and looked for an uplifting gospel afrobeat and God led me to one and I prayed, and then the flows and lyrics and melodies God started providing. God Showed Up!!!

How have you found yourself growing through your artistic journey thus far?

Well, I’ve learned that I have no power of my own to think, write and sing or even to get money to go to the studio to record. But in everything thing I do this bible quotation comes to me Proverbs 3:5- Trust in the Lord(A) with all your heart. and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he shall direct your path. What I’m trying to say is I have found myself growing an even closer relationship with God.

What has been the best advice that you have ever received about your career as an artist?

The best advice I have ever received about my career is DEPEND ON CHRIST.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

This HARD LIFE. It came to a point in time where life was just hard and hard became my favorite outlook, hard life gave me a negative mindset for a long time. But it was just God's way of making me understand what being a Christian and a follower of Christ actually means from all aspects of life. God was preparing me for a Revival for his Revival through his gospel of music for the world to see his love. I had to shift hard life to a Positive HARD LIFE which is an acronym for HOPE, AMBITION, RESPECT, DETERMINATION, AND DEDICATION IN LIFE AND IN CHRIST!!! This is what inspires me to create music.



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