Place Your Future In The Hands Of VYHARA's Latest EP, 'Arcana'

Santa Cruz-based producer and DJ, VYHARA has been dedicated to creating music and curating DJ sets for the past four years.

Engaging her audience through surprising sets with a combination of heavy bass music and expressive atmospheric tracks, VYHARA bases her performances on emotional connection that delves into her artistic versatility.

Her most recent release, 'Arcana,' is a collection of songs based on tarot cards. With two songs released thus far, "The Sun" and "The Moon," the EP combines ethereal elements, weighty bass, and percussion that trickles into a world fueled with influences to create an engaging story and cinematic feel. With each song based on a various tarot card, you can expect a whirlwind of vibrancy.

Angelic harmonies immediately submerge your speakers in an immersive collision of numerous elements to smear upon a complex canvas that is, "The Sun." VYHARA's first song off of, 'Arcana,' sets the governing tone of this sonic expedition.

Embedding reverberated musings into the deep expansion of the mix, and the indefinable timbres add a textured quintessence that pushes the envelope of Electronic music. Sitting at 5:30, how "The Sun" infiltrates your headspace has you fixating on the substantial weight that each artistic element hones in on, in what seems like a lifetime of soul searching findings. Triumphant nods seek a mind full of adventure with the shimmering paths grazing the spotlight.

With a striking balance of low to high-frequency development, VYHARA ensures that "The Sun" swells with various additional drums, synths, and resonant effects. Transporting a balanced rendition of layers that cascade amongst sound waves, this track is an influential pull of hunger and passion in the yearning fusion of victory.

"The Moon" follows the riveting routes paved by VYHARA's undeniable talents. Sending a scorching synthesis of peace and tranquility in the webbing of ethereal ambiance, there is a lot to say about the way "The Moon," sits in conjunction with your intrapersonal beliefs.

Taking a relentless approach to the scattered eclecticism that serenades your being in an abstract range of mid to up-tempo tenors, the refreshing determination that lays in the poignant sheets of musical effervescence has us adapting to the molding sound of each synth note frolicked upon. Emphasizing the grooves within the swift momentum that tackles each beat drop, "The Moon" punches through any unwarranted pressure that rests on your soul by omission.

VYHARA utilizes her craft as a way to sweep into the hearts of her listeners and correlate their emotions by triggering numerous senses in the realm of impeccably timed calculations in a galaxy of breakthroughs.

Congratulations on the release of your two-track EP, 'Arcana.' With such a unique inspiration that you base your EP on, what encouraged you to approach the project with this mindset?

I wanted to create something that tells a story, and to me, the tarot does that in a way that captures kind of an otherworldly feeling. I love making tracks that make the listener feel like they’re transported to another place or time.

Can you have, “The Sun,” without “The Moon,” or vice versa? Was there a specific reason why you chose these two tarot cards to create upon?

I picked those two because they can stand alone and they also go together too. In my music, I like to experiment with opposites in composition, and those two tarot cards reflect a connection between opposites too.

Do you approach live DJ sets with the same creative inspiration that you take into a project like, 'Arcana?'

For my sets, I usually end up following my intuition and what feels right when it comes to the songs I end up playing. Sometimes I think I’ll end up playing a certain vibe and then it comes out totally different from that, and sometimes I plan them out more. My main goal for my sets is to have a little bit of everything to give the crowd a full experience - I like to include slower, chill moments with really high energy drops and builds mixed in. I always think when I get the pacing right and tune into the crowd I end up playing out sets I’m happy with: it almost ends up feeling like having a conversation with the crowd through the songs I’m playing.

How have you found yourself growing as a performer through the events of 2020 leading into 2021?

As a performer, I feel like I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with playing whatever feels authentic instead of worrying as much about what people think. I would get really nervous when I first started DJing, which I still do sometimes, but I think I’ve grown into being a DJ and just playing out songs I love. I noticed the more I just express what I feel through performing the more comfortable it gets.

What has been the best piece of advice that you have been given through your artistic journey this far?

The best, and also the most reassuring, the advice I heard was if you just keep putting energy and hours into your craft eventually you’ll get somewhere with it, whether that means two years or ten years. I love that because it gives me the motivation to stay dedicated and focused. At the same time making music and sets is really energizing and fulfilling for me, so it helps me to stay present for the process as well instead of putting too much pressure on long-term goals.