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Placing Her Heart Into a Wonderful Cause, Izzy Frances Teams Up with Sacred Nature Initiatives

Songwriter Izzy Frances has placed herself firmly on the radar as one of the most exciting up and coming songwriters to look out for in 2020.

She has been singing for as long as she can remember and followed her passion for music by teaching herself piano from a young age. Songwriting came to her later and she wrote her first piece aged 17. She instantly found a therapeutic quality to writing music, discovering how she could explore her own life experiences through her songs.

Tackling themes of love, abuse, and self-acceptance with her lyrics, Izzy Frances has developed a sound with emotive, energy-fueled, hooky pop melodies, with her inspiration often coming from a number of different sources for her.

Gracing us with an empowering single dripped in uplifting tenors, Izzy Frances and her love for nature displays her artistic talents in the triumphant, “Beautiful World.” As the emotionally powered artist delves into a narrative that has us fixated on the state of our world, Izzy Frances cascades her vocalization over the heartfelt instrumentation in order to spread a deeper meaning pertaining to the climate crisis we are experiencing on Earth.

Connecting with her audience on an expressive level of intrapersonal tender love and care, Izzy Frances excels as she exudes the performance of a lifetime. Teaming up with Sacred Nature Initiative to produce a striking ballad of indubitable desire, she is aiming to inspire her listeners to work towards a better tomorrow, rather than scare them off with glum tales. One thing remains more certain than ever, Izzy Frances is committed to using her platform for the greater good of humanity.

With her progressive songwriting techniques basically speaking for themselves, Izzy Frances adds the icing on the cake as she gives it her all with a performance more felt than heard. With her heart on her sleeve, all profits from Izzy Frances, “Beautiful World,” will be going to support the Sacred Nature Initiative, which seeks to reconnect people to our planet and to inspire positive change.

We love the beautiful message that you send out in, “Beautiful World.” Could you please tell us how the collaboration between yourself and Sacred Nature Initiative came to be?

Thank you – I’m so glad that you love Beautiful World and the message! Growing up

it was my dream to own a big cat sanctuary and I was obsessed with watching Big

Cat Diary on the BBC. A few years ago my parents met and became good friends

with Jonathan and Angela Scott (who both worked on Big Cat Diary as a presenter

and spotter respectively) and as soon as I found out I pestered them until they

arranged for us to all have dinner, which was hands down one of the best nights of

my life. Jonathan and Angie are incredibly inspiring people – they have lived an

extraordinary life creating wildlife documentaries and capturing beautiful photographs

of the world, especially the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem, and through this they have

managed to convey just how sacred nature is, as well as the destruction that

humans are causing. When Angie and Jonathan started setting up the Sacred

Nature Initiative, which seeks to reconnect people with our planet and to inspire,

educate and conserve, the discussion was around using multimedia avenues as a

spotlight, and together we developed the idea of adding a musical component to this.

Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative and recording process entailed for, “Beautiful World”?

As soon as we came up with the idea of having a song to support the SNI I went off

and found some reference tracks and then went to write Beautiful World with two

wonderful co-writers I often work with, Helen Boulding and Jonas Persson. The

the biggest focus musically was to have something that felt inspiring and uplifting and

that made us feel positively motivated, with the soaring choruses really trying to

capture the height of those feelings, while lyrically it was really important that we try

to reconnect people with the natural world around us and to highlight the urgency but

in a beautiful and inspiring way. When it came to recording the vocal I felt so

attached and aligned with Beautiful World that the emotion just came pouring

through and it was a really seamless process.

How does this single compare to other songs found in your music catalog?

I think Beautiful World stands out for me because it really captures how I look at the

world and holds a piece of my soul, plus its message is slightly different from many

of my other songs which focus more on the relationships we have with ourselves and

other people. However, all my songs have themes that matter to me or that I want to

share in the hopes that they will uplift, comfort, inspire or empower the listener. Who

We Are is a classic upbeat pop song that feels more similar vibe wise to Beautiful

World, while Safety and You Lost The War is a slightly darker song with themes of

being true to yourself and vulnerable or brave in Safety, while YLTW tackles grittier

themes around inner strength after sexual assault.

What can listeners do if they feel moved to go above and beyond for this cause?

If you feel moved by Beautiful World or the SNI then please do share the song as far

and wide as you can (my profits will go to the SNI) and please check out the

Kickstarter campaign and website for the SNI for more information on the incredible

work Jonathan and Angie do (links below). Another personal recommendation would

be to have a look at Giki Zero as it’s an amazingly helpful resource in helping us to

find ways to live more environmentally friendly and they have a tonne of filters and

ideas to help you find ways forward that are accessible to you and your lifestyle.

Jonathan and Angela Scott › Sacred Nature (

What would you like new listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

Firstly, just thank you to anyone who listens to and enjoys my music – I am so

grateful for the support I’ve had and being able to create and share music is my

a dream so thank you for being a part of that. Secondly, I have more new music

coming out soon so please do stay tuned for more updates over the next few


My favorite part of the music process and industry is songwriting and one of the

things I love most about this is creating something from nothing, or creating

something beautiful from a place of pain, or a place of passion, and then being able

to share that with others. Music is a universal language that speaks in ways often

words can’t. It is ingrained in every culture and can evoke such feeling… to me

creating music is one of the most beautiful, exciting, and joyful experiences you can

have. I write with other artists and for other projects too and I just hope that some of

the songs I write or co-write will bring some people, somewhere in the world,

something positive.

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