Plan Your Revenge with Tatum Quinn's Recent Hit, "Set You Straight"

From Montreal, Canada, the Singer-Songwriter and pop-rock artist Tatum Quinn releases a spicy anthem for revenge with her latest single, "Set You Straight."

Trained at Berklee College of Music, Tatum Quinn and her evolving music career have landed on stages opening for renowned acts like Kool & the Gang, The Pointer Sisters, April Wine, Boy George, and many others. Also featured on Ubisoft's game, Just Dance, Tatum Quinn strives to bring listeners into a safe and fun environment with absolutely zero judgment.

Recently releasing her powerhouse single, "Set You Straight," Tatum Quinn mentioned that this track is the needed anthem for anyone going through a rough time. As Tatum Quinn belts her brilliant vocals over our speakers, her intense electronic/organic instrumentation pierces our speakers like the sharp edge of revenge.

Expanding on the single, "Set You Straight," the song opens with an ominous electric guitar that drops into the groovy instrumental breakdown with an incredibly punchy drum arrangement. As Tatum Quinn enters the song, she begins to haunt someone of her past with the painful moments and feelings that have lingered in her mind for far too long.

As she yearns for them to be set straight and get a bittersweet taste of reality, Tatum Quinn continues to powerfully expand on how actions are louder than words while leaving listeners entirely enthralled with her exhilarating performance. As she continues to belt and beam through our speakers, Tatum Quinn closes the song on this highly stimulating note that leaves us chanting her catchy and relatable words.

Get your dose of revenge with help from Tatum Quinn's latest single, "Set You Straight," now available on all digital streaming platforms.