Plastic Culture Put a Fresh Spin on Rock ‘n Roll with “Power of Love”

Plastic Culture is a California-based duo that incorporates a multitude of styles into their songs. They specialize in rock and roll while fusing psychedelic, reggae and funk cultures which creates a multi-genre platform for their music. Plastic Culture was formed in 2012 by lead vocalist Kaitlin T. She recruited the group’s multitalented guitarist Oscar E. who can play many different instruments. Plastic Culture has officially recorded an EP produced by LA’s highly awarded producer Frank Gryner. Kaitlin and Oscar have put all of their focus into improving their tunes through practice, re-writing, and re-working sections. Their authentic sounds are the clear result of tireless work and an investment of effort and time.

The new release “Power of Love” is a seamless blend of psychedelic rock, heart and soul and funk with a modern twist. Like traditional rock songs, Plastic Culture relies heavily on instruments for the background music; Oscar jams on an electric guitar along with a pounding drum beat. During an instrumental section of “Power of Love” Oscar solos with his impressive guitar riffs. Kaitlin also wows her audience with her natural vocal talent. She has a rich, throaty voice that expresses her emotion during the powerful chorus. Plastic Culture sings about the “power of love” and how truly addicting a love interest can be. The song is lyrically relatable and musically fresh. Unlike most traditional rock songs, “Power of Love” can be enjoyed by a variety of music lovers rather than fans of one specific genre.

Listen to "Power of Love" here.

Hey Plastic Culture, welcome to BuzzMusic! We love the fresh style of rock ‘n roll that you provide. Can you tell us more about the creative process for your song “Power of Love?”

Hello BuzzMusic! Thank you for having us & for the kind words, really our main goal behind this single was to create something that we felt sounded good & original,  something that a wide variety of audiences can enjoy & something we enjoyed playing ourselves. 

Can you tell us how you came up with the name “Plastic Culture,” and what it represents?

We came up with the name ‘Plastic Culture’ because we felt that there’s lot’s of plastic, fake-ness going around in our culture & of course with music & we wanted to ensure people that we are something different that is coming out of this plastic culture we live in. 

Are there any artists that have influenced the way you create your music? How have they inspired your musical style?

We have many different influencers, to just name a few: Sublime, Jefferson airplane, Hepcat, 

The Doors, Barrington levy, Santana, Deep Purple, etc, we like to take things we hear like a sick lick or a cool drum snare and do something a bit different with it & add our own sound. We have a lot of love for so many different types of genres, so, we tend to put them all together in a big ol’ mixing pot & see what we can create out of it. It’s very important for us to make sure that we sound like us. 

Thanks, Plastic Culture! We were very happy to have you here on BuzzMusic. We know that you have put many hours into improving your music, can you elaborate on how this has impacted the resulting songs you create?

Thank you very much and again thank you for having us! The results have been great, We’ve been working on these songs for years now, 2012 is when they were created, & so much change & work has been put into to the songs / Newly released single. We feel it was such a big help to have taken the time over the years, to really, really, perfect the tunes we have, instead of pushing them out right away. 

What can we expect to see next from Plastic Culture?

We have quite a few things in the works we are currently working with the AMG Corp & Sony music, We have an international distribution/marketing deal with them. We have three more singles coming! The next one will release this month! We also have a mini-tour in the states coming up later this year & a Japan tour coming up as well. We have a few music licensing deals & a music placement deal for tv shows, etc, with great companies such as: MTV, Mood media & KDigital media. We honestly couldn’t be more thankful & thrilled for the things we have coming up & ready for this year, & the great people/ companies we are working with and are starting to work with, we are ready to take over!