Playyard Brings a Blend of Pop and R&B With Their Latest Single "OMM (With Brooke Sierra)"

Santa Barbara's alternative duo Playyard is back with another playful and heartfelt single OMM (with Brooke Sierra). The duo consisting of Micheal Sack and Henry Morris, Playyard perfectly blends feel-good pop elements with mid-tempo R&B production to create their west coast alternative sound. Accumulating over 350,000 Spotify streams, Playyard has taken their next step into the industry with their exhilarating single “OMM (with Brooke Sierra)”. The track brings aspects of today’s hottest pop acts and their warm delivery, all while personalizing it with catchy mid-tempo R&B production. With bright acoustic guitar patterns to gripping kicks and snaps, we’re intrigued by Playyard’s unique take on modern alternative music.

OMM (with Brooke Sierra)” opens with lush acoustic guitar picking and underlying production gradually growing to a crescendo. Once the textured downbeat drops, we’re met with luminous acoustic guitar strumming and finely-calibrated supporting production incorporating a variety of transcendent kicks, snares, and snaps. Between transition from chorus to verse, the track provides incredibly uplifting acoustic guitar picking, perfectly setting up anticipation for what's to come next. With a genuine message of moving on for the better, Playyard has captured the track's theme through passionate lyrics like “I’ll be out wasting all my time, and get you off my mind”. All in all, their single “OMM (with Brooke Sierra)” is a prime example of effective songwriting, and we’re only excited to see what Playyard conjures up next.

Listen to "OMM (with Brooke Sierra)" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Playyard! We’re loving your group's vibe and uplifting messages through your single “OMM (with Brooke Sierra)”. Could you share what makes “OMM (with Brooke Sierra)” different from the music Playyard has released in the past?

I think the main difference is the level of production that went into making the song. We’ve been experimenting more with the production side of things these days, and I think it’s starting to show in our newer unreleased songs especially. Unlike our previous songs, OMM has a more in-depth and refined sound. What’s incredible about music is that there are so many sounds, genres, and inspirations to draw from and we’ve really just been having a great time exploring them. We hope that we’re able to show those blurred genre lines through the variations in our singles, and the music on our upcoming album 

Your track “OMM (with Brooke Sierra)” creates beautiful imagery and a positive underlying message. What was Playyard’s creative process like when crafting the refreshing single?

We actually started making the track while we were chilling in my living room. I remember I was messing around with some new guitar chords that Henry thought would be a cool vibe for a new song. I think that’s what really sparked the creation of OMM. After he laid down the chords we kinda just started to improvise with it up until we had a demo we were happy with. After that was just a bunch of post-production edits on all the little details until we thought it was perfect. 

You’ve mentioned that not only are you bandmates but college roommates as well! How do you think this helps you two in regards to creating, recording, and executing music?

It’s honestly super convenient! We share a studio at our house in Santa Barbara, which is great because it allows us to share each other’s personal equipment in the same studio. It’s also nice that we’re close friends and share the same social circles up at school in Santa Barbara because it helps keep us on a similar schedule. Like for example, the majority of the time we produce music is after we get home from a night out and somehow end up producing until like 4 am.

We’ve heard that after extensive growth as a duo, you’re taking your next steps into the industry with poise. How does Playyard intend to use their platform as artists, and what messages do you want to get across to your listeners?

When we started making music, we were freshman roommates in a tiny college dorm room with a very small studio set up. 

After countless late nights recording music in that small space, we began to view it as our own personal playyard. We were limited with what we had, so it was important to get creative and use our imagination with the tools we had, sorta like how we all were as children when we’d create our own imaginary world while running around screaming in the playgrounds. This ability to tap back into your childish mind and be yourself without fearing what other people think of you is the kind of characteristic we hope to evoke in our audience. 

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Times are pretty weird right now so it’s hard to tell what’s in store for 2020. We’ve been separated because of the quarantine but we aren’t letting that stop us from making music. We’re definitely missing performing but we know this is only temporary. Luckily we’ve got so much music lined up for you guys and have been working hard on getting them ready for you all to hear. Hopefully, you’ll see an album from us but if not expect to see some more singles to keep your company in isolation.