Playyard Brings a Blend of Pop and R&B With Their Latest Single "OMM (With Brooke Sierra)"

Santa Barbara's alternative duo Playyard is back with another playful and heartfelt single OMM (with Brooke Sierra). The duo consisting of Micheal Sack and Henry Morris, Playyard perfectly blends feel-good pop elements with mid-tempo R&B production to create their west coast alternative sound. Accumulating over 350,000 Spotify streams, Playyard has taken their next step into the industry with their exhilarating single “OMM (with Brooke Sierra)”. The track brings aspects of today’s hottest pop acts and their warm delivery, all while personalizing it with catchy mid-tempo R&B production. With bright acoustic guitar patterns to gripping kicks and snaps, we’re intrigued by Playyard’s unique take on modern alternative music.

OMM (with Brooke Sierra)” opens with lush acoustic guitar picking and underlying production gradually growing to a crescendo. Once the textured downbeat drops, we’re met with luminous acoustic guitar strumming and finely-calibrated supporting production incorporating a variety of transcendent kicks, snares, and snaps. Between transition from chorus to verse, the track provides incredibly uplifting acoustic guitar picking, perfectly setting up anticipation for what's to come next. With a genuine message of moving on for the better, Playyard has captured the track's theme through passionate lyrics like “I’ll be out wasting all my time, and get you off my mind”. All in all, their single “OMM (with Brooke Sierra)” is a prime example of effective songwriting, and we’re only excited to see what Playyard conjures up next.

Listen to "OMM (with Brooke Sierra)" here.