PLNT9 Releases Second Punk Rock Single From Upcoming EP, “Sunsuit”

In 2017, three budding musicians came together on the streets of Hermosa Beach, California, to pool their talents and create a punk rock band called PLNT9. The band consists of Alex Archon on vocals and bass, Milan Zivkovic on the guitars, and Chuck Mckissock on the drums. Years later, the band has performed at various venues in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and Hollywood. PLNT9 took 2020 in stride and decided to create their first EP called “Orbiter” with producer Fox Fagan.

Having already released their first single from the EP called “On Your Own”, PLNT9 has just released the second called “Sunsuit”. The punk rock song “Sunsuit” has a small intro of a few plucks of an electric, then a bass guitar. In no time Milan and Alex are shredding cords on their guitars as they take the song from zero to sixty with full throttle. Chuck forces the quick beat as he slams on the drums. During the 50 instrumental section at the beginning of “Sunsuit”, listeners will have no doubt that the members of PLNT9 are simply made for each other. Alex’s vocals are laid back and raspy, holding true to a traditional rock and roll voice. The instrumentalists bring the heat with their vintage style heavy metal riffs and solos. To give the timeless roots of rock culture their own unique spin, PLNT9also adds refreshing electronic sounds. With “Sunsuit”, PLNT9 shows off their impeccable instrumental talent and love of old fashioned metal, all while introducing their own modern tastes to the rock world. Listen to "Sunsuit" here.

Can you tell us about the curative process of the song and the message behind your lyrics? Sunsuit is one of the heavier tracks that we've written. Having gone through a few melody and structure changes, the end result was a song that truly meant a lot to us a band and couldn't wait to go out and play live. Lyrically, it describes the hardship of witnessing the downward spiral of a loved one that you couldn't save in the end.

You all have had various musical interests including Kyuss, early Muse, Sonic Youth, Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin. How have these artists influenced and inspired your music style? When we get together and start the songwriting process, we always reference other bands that we've been listening to. We draw inspiration from these bands and many others by seeing what makes them unique and how we can create our own style the way these bands have.

It is clear in your single “Sunsuit” that you feed off of each other’s talents as a band. Can you tell us how you collaborate to create your music as a band? The way we collaborate and jam as a band is the essence of how we write our music. Either we work on a riff or idea that written prior by someone in the band or we have a long extended jam session and feed off the vibe from that. We wanted our first EP to sound like a live band and 'Sunsuit' is one of our strongest at that.

What is the meaning behind your band name PLNT9?

The namePLNT9originated a few years ago when we were deciding what we wanted to call the band. We saw the news that there was a ninth planet discovered in our solar system and thought that 'Planet 9' would be the best name for what we do. The decision to change the spelling toPLNT9was to make it easier to find online and stand out more.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020? Our biggest plan for the year 2020 is to release our debut EP 'Orbiter'. We have released our first single from the EP, 'On Your Own' on April 3 and now have come out with our second single, 'Sunsuit'. We have had plans for releasing a pair of music videos and release shows, but due to the pandemic, these plans are on hold. However, our EP will be released on Friday, May 29.