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Plunge Into "Bungee," With Aussie Aus

Aussie Aus is a passionate musician and talented singer/songwriter with critics and fans alike. Born and raised in sunny Southern-California, Aussie Aus' R&B career began with a bang in November 2018.

The emerging artist feels that his purpose as an artist is to create an experience and atmosphere in which the listener can extend the limits of their capacity for love. With the release of his second EP, ‘Par 7,’ the project's tracklist includes Aussie Aus' three hit singles as well as four brand new, never-before-heard original tracks, featuring other Southern-California grown artists such as Morgan Clae, Rodiswell, and others.

Shining a special spotlight on the EP’s hit single, “Bungee,” we’re offered up a tantalizing environment of divine guitar riffs drowning your speakers in a thorough coating of ecstasy.

Aussie Aus serenades us in luxurious vocals that reign supreme with the gracious tenors that he strikes.

The heavenly vocalization follows the concept of the ideal-self and an attempted circumnavigation of transparency in an effort to avoid the premature disclosure of one’s imperfections. Having us eating right out of the palm of his hand, we’re swayed by the overall composition and how seamlessly it fuses together in the vivid portrayal of romantic gestures strained.

Cascading upon the poignant instrumentation, we find ourselves gravitating toward the warm embrace that Aussie Aus lures us into. His lyrical motifs illustrate animated transmissions of the words that he places forth in a sentimental manner.

Buoyant upon impact, you find yourself covering the mass ground of your inner emotions as you find peaks of bliss, and melancholy all at the same time. “I would never lie to you, but I’d stretch the truth like bungee,” is the alluring opening line to the hook that lingers on your mind long after the song is complete.

Clever and forward, Aussie Aus has taken his talents to the next level with “Bungee.” Equally captivating at a Top 40 tier, and unique as an independent artist, Aussie Aus is one to keep on your radar as he immerses the soundwaves in a melodic utopia.

Could you please take us into what moment or story inspired the songwriting for this single?

I drew inspiration for “Bungee” from my experience with being put on a pedestal in the early stages of my romantic relationships. There’s a point, quite early on, when love, lust, and infatuation seem to be indistinguishable from one another and so they mesh together into this big, heavy ball that rolls over you continuously. The size of that ball diminishes over time until its existence is merely peripheral, but in the beginning, it’s quite overwhelming. It’s all you can see for a while, really. It blocks you from the ability to see the imperfections of your partner and so you place them on a pedestal of perfection that begins to seem like a mistake as the ball shrinks over time. “Bungee” pursues the concept of the ideal-self and an attempted circumnavigation of “transparency” in an effort to avoid the disclosure of one’s imperfections as that ball shrinks. Accompanied by sultry electric guitar riffs, I try to paint a romantic picture of an apology for words unspoken, asking for exoneration from deeds unknown. In an attempt to lace my undisclosed shortcomings with sentimentality, I sing “I would never lie to you, but I’d stretch the truth like a bungee.” As the second song on my EP, “Bungee” acts as a gauge, reminding the listener that while love isn’t infallible, it is devout, deliberate, and ultimately cleansing.

Did you know that “Bungee,” would have the success that it has when placing it on the tracklist, or did this come as a surprise?

You can never truly know how the listener is going to react to the music you release. Regardless of the medium you use, as a creator, you always hope that you’re able to properly convey a jumbled and passionate thought into an actionable, palatable entity. But in attempting to do so, you’ve gotta be realistic in your expectations of a critic who doesn’t share your same creative passion. The mindset of the producer and the consumer are quite different, I’ve come to realize. So needless to say, I set my expectations relatively low, even after pouring my heart and soul into the song. I will admit though that “Bungee” was and still is my personal favorite from the project and I silently hoped that the listener would share that sentiment. Luckily for me, those hopes were actualized.

What happened to be your favorite part of creating “Bungee,” and the entire soundscape of ‘Par 7?'

My favorite part of creating “Bungee” and the entire soundscape of “Par 7” wasn’t writing the lyrics or even hearing the final mix. I felt the most joy after singing the full song into the mic for the first time and then hearing it all the way through. I get excited when I’m able to perceive my music through the lens of the listener. It’s amazing to me that I can pour all my negative emotions into a box, outside of myself, only to realize that when others open that box, they’re affected positively. It’s like turning coal into diamonds. I love it.

What do listeners have in store when listening to ‘Par 7,’ from front to back?

Being that this is only my second project, I took this time to make sure that I showcased my versatility as an artist. You can expect to hear a myriad of different genres and cadences when listening to “Par 7”. I made sure to display my singing ability as well as my rapping potential. “Bungee” is a perfect example of this adaptability. The track begins with me belting a ballad and ends with me spitting more than 16 bars before the final chorus comes back in. I hope to connect with a wider audience by allowing them to bob their heads and hold their hearts for the same track.

What would you like listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

More than anything, I want the listener to know that I’m lost just like everyone else. When I sing, it’s not my goal to be a teacher in front of a class. If anything, my songs are meant to showcase my flaws, flaws that the listener may also possess. I’ve realized that when flaws are shared they become a means of connectivity between you and those lawfully akin to you. You don’t build bonds by pretending you’re perfect. The best way to empower yourself and others is through vulnerability. So here I am, flaws and all.


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