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Plunge Into Heartbreak With Juliette Irons’ “Skydive”

Luminary LA singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and dancer Juliette Irons has always had a deep love for singing. Originally from Toronto, Canada, she moved to LA at 18 to pursue a career in dance and music.

In high school, she began to doubt herself, yet these uncertainties brought her to the passions we see and hear her profess today. Today, deeply metaphorical lyrical messages remain a constant in the cutting wit of JulietteIrons' music, and this is especially true with her latest single, "Skydive."

JulietteIrons states, "Skydive was inspired by the confusion that comes from whirlwind heartbreak. I had just come out of a brief rollercoaster situation-ship that ended abruptly without much explanation. I felt like I had been thrown from a moving plane, woke up on the ground, and I was the only one who jumped."

With this punch-drunk pop-punk anthem being the voice for all heartbroken individuals out there, "Skydive" tours various glimmers of genres as the inspiration for this unique record leaves no sound untouched.

Commencing the record with a lulling sound that isolates Juliette Irons' sweet yet sassy timbres with simplistic guitar riffs, this track builds upon this thought-provoking essence as we start by being fixated on her hard-hitting lyrical motifs. Drenched in truth, she approaches the verses with a hip-hop-Esque approach as the words she sings are spoken and backed by the cold hard honesty of a broken heart.

As the prominent percussion rushes into the speakers, the dark nuances cast a shadow that is felt more than heard. Embodying the upbeat trademarks of pop and the amplified angst of rock, "Skydive" is a perfectly blended concoction worth taking in a double dose. Intensely rummaging into the image bank within our minds, Juliette Irons' luscious timbres paint a detailed picture of the treacherous breakup that brought this creation to life.

Through every harmonic cascade to pour into the speaker, we admire the vulnerability and shared empowered optimism that Juliette Irons submerges her audience in. Listen to "Skydive" today on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, JulietteIrons! Congratulations on the release of your latest single, "Skydive." We admire how vulnerable you are throughout this record. Was it easy for you to tap into this head and heart space to bring this song to life?

Thank you! I don’t feel that it was easy. I was very heartbroken and confused at the time, and it took a lot of processing to get to the point where I could put my feelings into words. The song was a form of therapy for me, though, and still is now.

Are you always this vulnerable in your songs? What do you aim to make your audience feel when listening to your music?

Yes. Being vulnerable and telling the story exactly as it is, is the best way to connect to other people. I want to help my audience feel that they aren’t alone, that someone else Is going through something similar because that’s what gets me through when I hear another artist’s song that I connect to on a deep level.

The music video for "Skydive" is the first installation of a two-part story, ending when your single and music video for "The Fear of Flying" premieres. So what can you tell us about how the two feed off one another and what you have in store?

The Fear of Flying is everywhere now as of January 17th. Skydive was the angry, angst-filled first part of the story - when you are confused and filled with chaotic emotions about what’s happened. The Fear of Flying was written almost a year later; it’s what I think happens when you are forced to move on finally. I wrote it after I had realized that I needed to accept and let go of what I hoped would come back to me. Together, the two parts form one whole story of heartbreak that I hope listeners can relate to and feel empowered by in their own way.

You have created your unique sound from various genres; what musical and non-musical inspirations speak into your music?

Musical inspirations are all over the map, as I love many different genres. My biggest inspirations are Halsey, Dermot Kennedy, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Bon Iver,

K. Flay, Machine Gun Kelly, and so many more. Non-musical inspirations for songwriting are my experiences with pain, heartbreak, loss, and mental health struggles.

What's next for you?

I have three more singles on the way, and planning to release my debut album in the fall of 2023!


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