Plunge Into Your Emotions with LVMA Black's "Nothing But You"

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter LVMA Black is no stranger to the spotlight as her talents have always been on display.

After leaving communist Poland at age 15 to pursue a modeling career in Paris, LVMA found herself on the covers of Cosmopolitan and Elle. Growing up, she always longed for a brighter, deeper connection to music and culture. As a host of The Voice of Poland, LVMA Black continued to nurture her relationships with fans while developing her musical identity. Today, LVMA is known for her thrilling vocals and electric Pop tracks that embody a piece of her soul in each she creates.

Unceasingly writing from an intimate place that taps into her personal experiences, LVMA Black returns with “Nothing But You,” a single that delves into the overwhelming sensation you get from someone’s adoration. With the ambiance tiptoeing in the realm of brightly effervescent and intriguingly dim-lit, there is an intoxicating atmosphere that takes hold of us as we fasten our seatbelts for the melismatic ride of LVMA Black.

Her reverberated timbres drip a definite lust that has us soaring sky high as we appreciate the extensive reach of her vocal range. Impeccably nailing each note shed, the energy that comes from her spellbinding radiance has us gravitating towards her every harmony in “Nothing But You.” The lyrical structure held intact by her great songwriting techniques allows us to absorb the invitation that LVMA Black sends out to her listeners. This record captures the feeling of not being able to think straight or process life in a customary capacity to an addiction to love.

“Nothing But You” reigns supreme as the grippingly raw experience touched on is something that remains relevant for individuals far and wide. Bringing forth an emotional connector of this caliber, LVMA Black knows just how to lure us into her exceedingly brilliant skill set.