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POCKiT Premieres Funky Fresh New Song "Hialeah Traffic”

From South Florida, known for its good vibes, amazing weather and sunshine - today we are brought all of those wonderful things in the sonic form with “Hialeah Traffic” by POCKiT. If you aren’t familiar, POCKiT is a multicultural trio from South Florida with a fresh approach of Funk, Latin-fusion and Jazz music.

Let’s dive into the song! As soon as the song begins, we are immediately met with good feelings and great vibes. The song “Hialeah Traffic” starts off with a lo-fi intro that then rips into a fast Jazz part that leaves you snapping your fingers and dancing wherever you find yourself. “Hialeah Traffic” doesn’t have any vocals, but that doesn’t mean that this gem by POCKiT doesn’t speak to your soul. The bass provided by Jason Spencer is constantly moving at incredible rates through the entire performance, and the keys/ organs by Chip Gardner leave your ears dancing within themselves. The drum performance by Moises Linares lives in the pocket and is very tight, no pun intended! All and all, this is a great fast Jazz song with soul influence that is bound to bring up anyone’s day. If you’re looking for something new, we highly suggest checking out “Hialeah Traffic” by POCKiT today!

Listen to “Hialeah Traffic” here.



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