Poe The Passenger Exhibits Total Focus on Latest Release "Sweet Talk"

Poe the Passenger is the budding musical assemblage dead-set on injecting some integral vitality in the hollow carcass of today's Alternative-rock scene. I

t's a mission and ethos they've fostered since their artistic conception in the City of Angels, and it continues to fuel their relentless release of records powered by their unabating sense of gregariousness, organic affectivity, and Contemporary Rock sonic substance. Their last creative endeavor from 2020 rendered up the jovial upbeat "My Own,"—a pop-tinged indie-rock reminiscent experience. But this year, their creative intuitions land somewhere in the bordering lines between Nothing But Thieves' daring, Muse's thematics, and Panic at the Disco!'s bubbly carbonation—especially on their newest single, "Sweet Talk."

"Sweet Track" is a track that dissolves into existence the same way wind swipes the hats off our heads—from out of nowhere.

The band's turbulent energy builds over an exaggerated saturated distortion of the guitar as it steers with a melodic riff mirroring the topline in the chorus: "Stuck in between my teeth, forever tongue 'n' cheek, whose even buyin' in?" It's a song retrospective about the modern age's artificiality, and how you're better off presenting authentic and minimizing the obsession over your social status.

With a hard hammering industrial Rock-beat supporting behind them and the sensuously playful vocals steering at the wheel of this acoustically adorned mix, Poe the Passenger aim steadily and with full focus over the "revive" button on our modern alternative rock headspaces.

Hello Poe The Passenger, it's great to sit down and chat with you about your latest release "Sweet Talk." Can you walk us through some of the growing experiences you've undergone as a band during the writing and recording process for "Sweet Talk?"

The band has grown a lot tighter since the conception of "Sweet Talk".  We’ve all been friends for some time now, but a little over a year ago, we all moved in together.  Living together has given us a much better understanding of each other from both a personal and musical level.  As a result, we feel like our songs have gotten tighter as well.

What's been something you've confided in for the alt-rock aesthetics and energetic character that you've been able to render so vividly over this new single? 

Musically, "Sweet Talk" is definitely a result of our hard rock upbringing.  We’ve all at one time or another had a fascination with heavier music. During the writing process, we pulled from some of those nostalgic feelings while putting a slightly more mature filter on it.  Lyrically it’s a vibe check for anyone who believes clout is more important than authenticity. It’s really a satirical commentary on the culture of Hollywood.

How do you excite your imaginations when writing a song during periods where your artistic impulses are just not guiding you in the direction? Did you find yourself channeling into these fuels for Sweet Talk? 

Around the time "Sweet Talk" was written, we all started taking the writing process a lot more seriously.  Even if we’re not feeling inspired, we try to write every day.  The day "Sweet Talk" was written was one of those days we didn’t feel so inspired.  Whenever this happens, we try to listen to other songs and pull out certain elements that we like.  Believe it or not, we came up with the main riff for "Sweet Talk" while jamming out to the song ‘Sucker’ by the Jonas Brothers.  Now we have no idea how that happened, haha, but it definitely serves as a reminder that inspiration can be manifested in many different ways. 

How have you been giving back to your community as a band during these unsettling times?

At times artists can really get stuck in their own little universe, and we’re no different.  However, this pandemic has really put things into perspective and has served as a reminder that there’s a lot of people that can use some sort of assistance.  We’re lucky to have such loyal followers which have helped us give generous donations to the Innocence Project, Inner-City Arts, Children of Armenia, and Hope for the Day. We believe firmly in community and togetherness. During this time we’ve been able to re-center ourselves and show listeners around the world that we’re all in this together.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

A few things have been keeping us inspired these days.  For starters, we’re inspired by anyone that has reached out to us and told us how our music has helped them through these dark times. Furthermore, we’re inspired by all the artists that have continued to make great music and have pushed the boundaries of their sound.  We’re also really inspired by one another. This time has really allowed us to grow closer as friends and bandmates, which in turn gives us an opportunity to learn new things about each other. Continuing to get to know your closest friends is truly a gift that we’re thankful for.