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Policy Grabs Genres Far & Wide For His Sophomore Album, ‘The Abby Rose’

Sonically serenading us with his versatile electronic, pop, and alt hip-hop sounds is multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and producer Policy with his highly-anticipated sophomore album, 'The Abby Rose.'

The new album comes on the heels of Policy's award-winning debut album, 'Echo Chambers,' which shook the electro-pop scene with unconventional arrangements and authentic composition. Now, the "Best Drummer" award-winner is ready to take listeners on a new and refreshing journey with his latest 10-track album, 'The Abby Rose.'

Beginning our voyage into the new record, we're greeted with the interlude-like introductory piece, "Come A Little Closer," which hazily oozes through our speakers with ominous and mysterious background pads. As a soulful vocal sample begins chanting and belting the warmest melodies, Policy expands the atmosphere with slight synths, keys, and shakers to ramp up the anticipation for what's to come. We love the ethereal feel of this intro track; it perfectly prepares us for the rest of the dynamic and adventurous album.

Moving into track number two, "Lost," this piece features the stunning vocal stylings of Airinna Namara. The song beautifully opens with a euphoric electronic soundscape that transitions into groovy keyboard melodies, taking us back to prime-time 80s synthpop. As Namara's fluid and tender vocals begin vocalizing her pain and emotions, she reaches the hook and blesses us with the warmest vocal melodies while reminding us to keep our guard up when giving our all to someone special. We're truly impressed with the reflective vibe of this track, especially as Policy maintains that atmosphere through his unique compositions.

Onto track number three, "The Walk Away," this song features the shimmering stylings of vocalist Amy Jo Scott who sings a similarly passionate and emotional message of love and loss. Right from the bat, Policy does an incredible job of portraying those profound emotions through gentle and introspective sonic arrangements that match Jo Scott's cathartic message. This mid-tempo track is truly food for the soul, especially for individuals in search of something they can relate to when parting ways with someone who left their heart in pieces.

Diving into the fourth track, "Trick My Heart," we're met with a groovy and lively electronic synth arrangement and warm drum breaks that pump up the party. Airinna Namara makes her way back around for this track while softly singing of feeling ashamed she let someone trick her heart into loving them. The song's hook leaves us tapping our feet in need of a dancefloor, pumping through our speakers with a classic electronic drum arrangement and danceable synths. We appreciate the relatability of this track; we're sure listeners will too.

Reaching the album's halfway point with track number five, "As Long As We," this song features Amy Jo Scott once again and opens with an expansive, cinematic, and organic acoustic guitar and piano melody. As the soothing pads float in the background, Jo Scott makes her way in and sings of holding onto faith when times get tough, especially within a personal relationship. We can't help but hear similarities to the raw emotion within Britney Spears' "Everytime," but Policy adds far more sonic emotion with spacious keys and an underlying electronic atmosphere.

Amplifying the energy and groove is track number six, "Unavailable for Legal Reasons," kicking off with bright snaps that lead into a pulsating and sci-fi-esque electronic synth arrangement alongside upbeat drums. This track features no one but Policy's skillful compositions that leap through our speakers without a dull moment, pushing the atmosphere into this robotic and glittery space that's impossible to ignore. The drum-heavy beat drop offers a pleasing minimal vibe that leaves us bopping our heads to each beat.

Onto the seventh track, "Fade Away," we leap into alternative hip-hop sounds with help from featured rapper Lil Bonk who opens the song with the smoothest bars that touch on lies and deceit in a relationship. Before we know it, Airinna Namara's Lana Del Rey-like vocal tones float through our speakers with mesmerizing melodies that sing of wishing to part ways on a more peaceful note. Hunter Williams perfectly backs her up with lush vocal harmonies while the song drifts towards the outro with Policy's ethereal sonics and chilling production.

Brightening the entire album is track number eight, "Nowhere To Be Found," featuring Airinna Namara. The song softly begins with tender and airy background pads alongside mid-tempo, organic drums, and Namara's fluttery vocals. As she begins vocalizing a rather relieving situation of feeling happy and free, a wave of happiness and euphoria drifts through our speakers as Policy's soothing guitar melodies and gentle production continue matching the vibe. This song feels like a long-awaited realization that mental relief is finally upon you, spurring optimistic thoughts and feelings about the future.

Landing on the blissful ninth track, "Past The Upset," Amy Jo Scott's chilling vocals meet our speakers once again to slowly bring the album to a close. Policy utilizes more organic and natural instrumentation in this piece to emphasize Jo Scott's passionate lyrics that sing of preserving through a relationship's trials and tribulations and sticking around when the going gets tough. This song is truly a breath of fresh air; everything from Jo Scott's soulful and spirited vocals to Policy's ear-pleasing instrumentation leaves us wildly impressed with the overall feel-good listening experience.

Reaching the album's tenth and final track, "Kaleidoscope Light," Airinna Namara makes her way around one last time to bring the album to a close. This song energetically opens with a bouncy and bright synth arrangement alongside dizzying background synths that liven the atmosphere. Listening to Namara's light and vibrant vocals, she sings of adoring how someone paints her life with colors she's never seen before. Policy keeps the energy alive with his dense synth arrangements, heavy-hitting drum breaks, and rich background pads that create an atmospheric listening experience like no other.

Broaden your musical horizons and take a trip into the world of Policy's expansive electronic sounds with his latest album, 'The Abby Rose,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

A warm welcome back to BuzzMusic Policy. We cannot get enough of your latest album 'The Abby Rose,' what inspired the creation of this broad and adventurous album?

The inspiration for this record started when I was not even ready to begin a new record. I was still promoting 'Echo Chambers' and tore down my studio to make some studio improvements. I was eager to eventually fire up the studio and utilize some new gear and recording and mixing techniques. I had a piano piece I was messing around with that could have been track 11 on 'Echo', and the next thing I knew, I had what was to become 'Fade Away' and, for that matter, had at least 9 other tracks pretty much done musically within 2 months. This album, with no question, wrote itself. I've been very lucky to find inspiration all around me. I had no time restrictions, and this took just over a year to get fully done. I had a few ideas already in the works that I wanted to try, and I'm very excited at what was finally printed.

What was it like working alongside the many artists for 'The Abby Rose?' How did they help bring the project to life?

Before I started to do the toplines for the collaboration tracks on 'Echo Chambers', I reached out to Airinna Namara, who is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and asked her if she would be interested in collaborating. I did not hear from her until a year later when 'Echo' was way past its release and in the marketing and promo phase. She said that she had just got my message and I couldn't believe it. Ultimately, we started working together, and I just love what she has delivered. She is on 5 of the tracks on 'The Abby Rose' and it’s really a chronological journey for her and her experience of love loss, healing, and happiness. Amy Jo Scott and I have been working together on many other projects. She is also in 'Echo Chambers'. She is here in Cleveland, OH with me, and she always brings such passionate, inspirational lyrics and vocal melodies. I had met Hunter Williams through a friend of mine, and I sent him the demo for 'Fade Away' and the idea behind it. Within an hour, he sent me a video of his first verse while he was driving in his car, and I immediately knew he was right for the track. He was close friends with Lil Bonk from St. Louis, who is in the 2nd verse, and I could not be happier with that vocal ensemble on 'Fade Away.'

Did you create 'The Abby Rose' album with any artistic or musical influences in mind? Did any artist or projects have an impact on the record?

Yea, 'Echo Chambers' was very inspired by a few of my favorite artists as well as my attempt to find my own voice as an artist, musician, and producer. If I had to name an artist, it would be deadMau5.The Abby Rose' is very directed and centered around myself and who I am as a producer, composer, and engineer. I knew I wanted to be a bit more commercial, electro-pop, but also remember how much I loved the house, EDM, and electronic music. 'The Abby Rose' only has one house instrumental on it. This album is about being yourself, about family, and enjoying the journey of embarking on a second album. The lead-off track, titled, 'Come A Little Closer' is a special track that features my mother, Polly Zaremba Dudek, and was originally written by my uncle, Pete Zaremba. I come from a family of musicians who have had an impact on me, and I felt this was a great way to start the record by doing an intro recut.

Is there a song from 'The Abby Rose' that's your personal favorite? What draws you to that song in particular?

Every song during the recording, mixing, and mastering process became my favorite track! I would say that 'Fade Away' is a favorite because it's something I wrote on the piano, and I feel it shows my progression in songwriting and how it concatenates rap/hip-hop and sweet pop vocals together over this unique bunch of sounds and melodies. I absolutely love 'Lost’, and I just love a track that Amy Jo Scott brought to the table titled 'Past the Upset'. When I first heard it, I got goosebumps and would continue to get emotional every time I worked on that track. "Past The Upset" also features the talented Michael Eric Schirch on piano. 'As Long as We' is a favorite because of Amy Jo and because of the acoustic guitar work I did on that track. '451-Unavailable for Legal Reasons" is a highlight as it’s my representation of a potential musical conversation with an alien life form.

How does the new album, 'The Abby Rose,' differ from your debut album, 'Echo Chambers?' What are the core differences between these two projects?

It's different in many ways. First, it had no time constraints, as I said earlier, and second, I got very inspired to handle the entire production process. Along with composing all the music, except 'Past the Upset' and 'Come A Little Closer,' I did most of the recording and engineering, and I ended up fully mixing and mastering this record myself, which was huge and gratifying to me. It's ultimately my name on the cover. 'The Abby Rose' is more commercial, electro-pop, and really points to me creating my own voice, sound, and expression. I was more experimental in the engineering and recording phases, and in contrast, all the vocal collaborators, like in "Echo Chambers," compose all of their own lyrics and vocal melodies. I've been so fortunate to work with these artists and I love everything they bring.


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