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PongoFromTheS & YNLSTACKINGBNDZ. Drop New Track "Swerve"

PongoFromTheS & YNLSTACKINGBNDZ. first met in Quebec, Canada, where they are both from. They first met in summer 2018 when YNL sent him a beat pack and have been hard working ever since, as evident by their new single “Swerve (feat. Jaco & LPG)”. Their first collaboration was “Gas'd Up”, which featured fellow Quebecois artist Gump. The trio then decided to make a collaborative EP which they titled “Cruel Vibes”. Pongo & YNL continued to produce and work on tracks as a duo which resulted in their latest effort, appropriately named “The Coolest Tape on the Planet”.

You can tell from their latest single “Swerve” that this is only the beginning of something much greater for these Quebecois hip hop artists. The future is bright for these two up and comers. They are truly in their element and honing in on a unique sound that is truly their own. They are proving why they have the coolest tape on the planet. Be sure to add this song to your party playlists because it is guaranteed to fire up a room and put everybody in the mood for a good time, no matter what kind of music you are into.

Check out "Swerve" here. Read more in our interview below!

Hello! Can you tell us our readers about yourself?

My name is PongoFromTheS, born in Sherbrooke, Quebec and raised in Sainte-Foy, Quebec. I’m 23 y/o. I’ve been making music for almost all my life, I wrote my first song at 8 y/o.  I don’t consider myself a rapper, but a recording artist. I met YNL for the first time last summer at OhGod’s crib.

I’m YNLSTACKINGBNDZ. born in Abidjan,Côte d’Ivoire but I mostly grew up in Quebec City, Canada. I’m 19 years old and I’ve been making beats for 2 years now. I met PFTS last summer at OHGOD’s crib. We used to make beats in his apartment it was dope.

How did you guys meet Jaco & LPG?

PFTS: I grew up with Jaco, but honestly I can’t really recall the very first time we met. I’ve known him for 10 years now, maybe more. We grew up together in Sainte-Foy. I met LPG maybe 1 or 2 months before the night we did Swerve. We met at the studio. I didn’t really knew him before this whole project aha. I’ve heard his music, but I didn’t really knew the person 

YNL: Jaco and me knew each other from way way back because we was in the same neighborhood. We got back in touch through PFTS because they were friends. I basically met LPG through a friend. I remember him telling that he had a friend who was rapping who needed some beats and the rest is pretty much history.

Who are your biggest influences?

PFTS: My biggest influences are Future Hndrxx, Nate Dogg and PartyNextDoor.

YNL: My biggest influences are Timbaland, Southside and Metro Boomin, but shoutout to Future.

How did you guys create this song?

PFTS: Man that night right before the session, I was in the ride with my brother Young Louie 103, and I remember telling him « Tonight we’re making a banger, I’m feeling it ». I’ve texted Jaco earlier that day to meet at the stu by nighttime, and I knew YNL was going to be there as usual aha. I wasn’t even in the studio when I heard YNL’s beat for the first time, I heard it through the door. I knew it’s was the beat we needed right away. Believe it or nah, YNL didn’t even like the beat at first aha. I told him to let it roll. I wrote the hook on the spot, Jaco wrote a first prehook on the spot as well, then LPG who was there by coincidence asked me if he could lay down a verse on the track. I told him « go ahead, do your thing » which he did obviously aha. It was getting late, or should I say early, and I had school in a few hours so we decided to sleep on the beat and come back the next day to finish the track. So the next day I did my verse and Jaco did a new prehook. The rest is history. 

YNL: I was at the studio that night with one of my homies Oli before a session with PFTS. I was cooking up and I remember making that beat so fast that I wasn’t even feeling it and then when PFTS came in I still showed to him I don’t even know why but he was feeling it. Then Jaco and LPG came through and they made a hit out of nowhere.

What's next for you through 2019?

Just watch. Big things on the way.


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