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Pop Artist Riley Wells Continues to Spread Her Impressionable Sound With "That Kinda Love"

Riley Wells is the kind of Pop artist that can deliver singles that holds a ton of zest.

Riley Wells is confident with her vocal delivery, which is why her music often has a certain kind of sparkle. There are tons of influences that Riley Wells stems her music from, and if you listen carefully, you may be able to hear a few of them.

Besides the various plays with inspiration, Riley Wells ultimately adds her own music ear, which showcases itself as lightly upbeat and entirely luscious.

Recently completing her musical education at the Berklee College of Music, Riley Wells is all geared up to share her intuition and knowledge in the form of spunky yet luxe pop collections.

Riley Wells continues her glamour-pop saga with her recent single release, "That Kinda Love."

You already know what to expect with Riley Wells, but that truly comes off as a blessing. You know that you're going to receive a quality and catchy production combined with Riley's bubbly and light vocals. "That Kinda Love" embodies this perfectly and provides a melody that compels listeners to sway along with.

"That Kinda Love" is more of a laidback pop track, which makes it perfect for listening to on a car adventure, or even apart of your in-the-sun playlists. Take in all that Riley Wells and her perfect pitch has to offer because although "That Kinda Love" will effortlessly glide across your musical taste buds, the song ends quickly just under the 3-minute mark. Good thing there's a replay button.

Congratulations on releasing your fun and spirited single, "That Kinda Love"! What would you say immediately inspired the initial vision for this track?

Hi! Thank you! I’m super excited about this one. I wrote That Kinda Love when I was feeling encapsulated by love and it was basically driving me crazy, but that in itself was so exciting. It’s a fun way of delighting in the kind of love that is indulgent and crave-worthy, with a feel-good and upbeat atmosphere that showcases all of the heat and passion that comes with it. 

You clearly have a relaxed delivery, which attributes so much towards the calming essence of your songs. Did you craft this specific style over time, or would you say that this type of delivery comes naturally to you as an artist?

When I’m recording, I’m in my natural creative flow and I get into a calm energy. It’s sort of my essence as a songwriter. I let the content carry the weight while I’m telling it like it is, just being real. And, at the same time, being a little saucy about it. I feel like that’s the most honest way for me to be telling my story, you know? I let the words speak for themselves and let the vocal embellishments be a further expression of the emotion surrounding them. 

How would you describe the way that "That Kinda Love" contrasts from your other singles? 

At the time I started telling my story through music with my first release last year, I was navigating knowing my worth and being confident in who I am. My EP was very reflective, whereas now I’m in a space where I’m celebrating life and love and that definitely comes through in this song. As a woman, I’m all about owning my sacredness and my sensuality. That Kinda Love definitely lends itself to the unapologetic enjoyment of that. 

With current goals to move to California to further pursue music, can you describe all of your emotions towards taking the big step to uproot your life as an artist?

Moving from the east coast after living here my whole life is definitely going to be a huge change of scenery. But I’m feeling called to go in that direction right now, the influences and the artistry happening there feels like it resonates with me and who I am as an artist. I’m excited for that next chapter in my life!

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Ah, a really good question. When our ‘normal’ world stopped and in other words, turned upside down, suddenly we were all wondering what to do with our time. For me, this was life-altering but super reflective too, because it’s caused me to dig deeper, like, how do I actually want to be spending my time? With life getting so simplistic, I started finding inspiration in stillness. I noticed that what I longed for the most couldn't be translated through a screen. For me, really that’s love and connection. So when I’ve been writing, I’ve been exploring love’s different colors and the ways it’s shown up in my life. The warm, the innocent, the passionate. Of course, the title of my new single is only fitting for the theme :)


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