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Pop Powerhouse Ashlyn Urbie Releases Passion in, "Can't Teach Me"

Emotionally attuned, indie pop artist Ashlyn Uribe is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she has recently popped onto the scene with her powerhouse vocals and bright, aromatic production.

Writing from an array of her own experiences, Ashlyn Uribe’s sensually raw but witty lyricism paired with her sometimes high energy, sometimes tranquil melodies bring her fans together through a sense of validity and resonation.

Reviewing events past, present, and anticipated, she seeks to paint vibrant pictures for her fans of what they can learn from their relationships and how they can continue to grow and manifest their futures for the better. Her goal is to master the balance of visceral storytelling and dynamic, pop melodies in a way that relates to fans while making them want to move their bodies and feel they're most free.

A reverberated soundscape submerges us in the almost ethereal essence of Ashlyn Uribe’s vocalization in “Can’t Teach Me.” The enchanting presence of the angelic timbres expressed by her talents, has us swerving down an avenue that conjoins elements of Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato’s vocalization, with the charisma of Camila Cabello.

Effervescent instrumentation shakes up the dynamics present as we hone in on various elements throughout different times of the arrangement. Brilliantly cascading with the sultry echoes poured into the composition of “Can’t Teach Me,” Ashlyn Urbie has the ability to send chills down our spine as we remain focused on the vulnerability conveyed in her melismatic vocal range. Harmonies flood the sound waves when the chorus comes jolting into action, sweeping us into a thriving foundation of passion-fueled emotion.

As we reach the bridge, Ashlyn Urbie’s vocal layers have texture oozing from each breadth, in a liberating showcase of unique stylings that have her presence rising to the top of the totem. Each word takes on a different note that punches through the musicality in a way that has us anticipating the final chorus in all of its glory. Bringing us to the final moments of this track, we don’t want this perfectly executed song to come to a halt.

“Can’t Teach Me,” has a magnitude of lanes ventured in true sonic voyage fashion.

You take on such a unique challenge when bringing the various dimensions of “Can’t Teach Me,” to life. We love every moment. What inspired you to add such a wide array of elements to this single?

I definitely aim to make the scope of my songwriting focused but multi-dimensional! With "Can't Teach Me" I wanted the production elements in particular to reflect the complicated facets of deciding to connect with an ex-lover again, or any past relationship or habit we find ourselves re-entangled with. The crisp cuts in and out within the production of the song are meant to sonically mirror what it feels like to gamble with the push and pull of these situations; it's the sound of deciding if it's worth it- going back to those relationships and how far to take them. The melodies I wrote and the sound I envisioned were brought to life entirely by my amazing producer, Michael Finster. Without his talent, I don't know if I'd be able to truly breathe the kind of life I want into my music, he translates my ideas so beautifully. I tend to write from areas of vulnerability and honesty, and with this song, I wanted its elements to remind people that it's hardly ever black and white when it comes to reconnecting with things and people from our past and that that's okay.

What was the moment or story that influenced the lyrics we hear and thrive upon?

I wear a lot of my heart and experiences on my sleeve, something I both hate and love about myself, and while I want my writing to always be open and raw, I wanted the person this song was inspired by to remain a secret. I have definitely fallen back into old patterns with relationships more than once, but "Can't Teach Me" was influenced by a relationship that resurfaced during one of the newest and most isolated times of my life. I was lonely and bored, I wrote from a place of retrospective stubbornness and selfishness. This was also a time in my life where I had finally gained the most emotional and bodily autonomy I had ever had, which was something to be proud of, but my newfound strength in my sexuality drove me to push my limits past a breaking point. I was curious. I wanted to test myself and my boundaries with this "reinvented" relationship, but as my higher self expected, it became too reckless and messy. The fun and riskiness and secretiveness very quickly turned into a reminder of why we had ended things in the first place.

Does “Can’t Teach Me,” hold a different significance to you than it does to your audience? Could you please explain?

For sure it does. While I want the contents of my music to relate to my audience in whatever way they need it to, songs like this, born out of very intimate experiences in my life are always going to hold a different sort of significance in my heart. "Can't Teach Me" I feel, could've very easily turned bitter and jaded in essence, and it's definitely got a bite to it that makes me feel proud, but at its core, it's a lesson and a reassurance. It means empowerment to me, it reminds me that I can turn my mistakes and misjudgments into layers of vibrance and self-actualization. This track is absolutely an essential piece of not only my future discography but my personal development and path to self-love.

What has been the best piece of advice that you’ve applied to your career?

Michael Finster and singer-songwriter, Natalie Carr are some of my very best friends and collaborators who have always had endless gems of advice that I've applied to my career. In fact, when I made the move from New York back to Charlotte, they were the first to introduce me to the local music and art scene, I owe a lot of what brought me out of my post-move depression to those two. From day one of knowing them, they have always encouraged me to write as much as possible, no matter how strong or weak the lines might come out. They've instilled in me that songwriting is a muscle, and to have confidence in my own personal process. Within the first year of my burgeoning music career, I sometimes thought of myself as a "slower" writer, when in actuality I was just avoiding my fear of imperfection when sitting down to write a track. Applying a sense of self-trust and dedication to writing has been essential for my work and planning in 2021 so far and I hope these pieces of advice inspire other artists to trust their processes as well, there really are no "wrong answers" for what you create.

What's next for you?

2021 is going to be an exciting year as things continue to open up in the live music realm. As long as venues are kept safely spaced and cleaned, I am looking forward to performing in Charlotte this summer and am currently in the process of booking with a really cool spot in the city (TBA). Last week, we tracked the vocals for "Bleed n Bloom", a song about social anxiety and addiction which will be the fourth and final song in my debut EP "Take Your Time". I'm excited to be releasing the EP as a whole Friday, May 28th, and from there will be moving on to my debut album! I hope you stay tuned for the ride!



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