Pop Powerhouse Ashlyn Urbie Releases Passion in, "Can't Teach Me"

Emotionally attuned, indie pop artist Ashlyn Uribe is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she has recently popped onto the scene with her powerhouse vocals and bright, aromatic production.

Writing from an array of her own experiences, Ashlyn Uribe’s sensually raw but witty lyricism paired with her sometimes high energy, sometimes tranquil melodies bring her fans together through a sense of validity and resonation.

Reviewing events past, present, and anticipated, she seeks to paint vibrant pictures for her fans of what they can learn from their relationships and how they can continue to grow and manifest their futures for the better. Her goal is to master the balance of visceral storytelling and dynamic, pop melodies in a way that relates to fans while making them want to move their bodies and feel they're most free.

A reverberated soundscape submerges us in the almost ethereal essence of Ashlyn Uribe’s vocalization in “Can’t Teach Me.” The enchanting presence of the angelic timbres expressed by her talents, has us swerving down an avenue that conjoins elements of Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato’s vocalization, with the charisma of Camila Cabello.

Effervescent instrumentation shakes up the dynamics present as we hone in on various elements throughout different times of the arrangement. Brilliantly cascading with the sultry echoes poured into the composition of “Can’t Teach Me,” Ashlyn Urbie has the ability to send chills down our spine as we remain focused on the vulnerability conveyed in her melismatic vocal range. Harmonies flood the sound waves when the chorus comes jolting into action, sweeping us into a thriving foundation of passion-fueled emotion.

As we reach the bridge, Ashlyn Urbie’s vocal layers have texture oozing from each breadth, in a liberating showcase of unique stylings that have her presence rising to the top of the totem. Each word takes on a different note that punches through the musicality in a way that has us anticipating the final chorus in all of its glory. Bringing us to the final moments of this