Pop Sensation Alessa XO Gives Meaning To Songwriting By Delivering Upbeat Hit

Alessa Aichinger who goes by the stage name Alessa XO, grew up in a small town in the south of Austria with limited musical opportunities however she did not allow that to stop her from attaining her dreams and striving to become a groundbreaking success. The birth of Alessa XO occurred once she graduated from high school and got presented with the opportunity to go to New York and attend the NYC Film Academy. Her acting skills soon got her casted in various different films, productions, and commercials.

A multifaceted character, Alessa talents soon got her discovered by a music producer who helped manufacture her first release. The birth of the upcoming music sensation, Alessa XO's goal is to follow the same path as a few great multi-talented artists who have been inspirations to her such as SIA, H.E.R. and Amy Winehouse among many others. Her goal is to bring the same passion, hard work and honesty that has fueled her early acting success to her music career. For Alessa XO, writing meaningful lyrics has always played an extremely important part in being a music artist. The release of her single titled “We Are One” begins with an electronic pop danceable introduction that remains thorough throughout the entire single. The beat immediately encourages you to dance along. It reminds me a lot of those popular “dubstep” and “EDM” type sounds where you’re just evoked to party hard and don’t stop! Despite the extravagant sounding pop instrumental, Alessa's passion for meaningful storytelling comes to light with her thought-provoking lyricism. Delivered with more upbeat energy, she still didn’t lose her niche of incredible songwriting that enlightens our thinking process of what the jam packed record could be about! “Together, forever, we are one”.

What I interpreted from this song is that it discusses the unity and joint companionship between two people who comes together and forms a union. I also believe it could go on a more deeper lyrical connotation to talks about the invitation and welcoming of somebody new into a place they may seem unfamiliar with. She’s basically saying it’s okay, and to feel comfortable because we’re both just human. In my opinion, fans would be able to feel more of a genuine connection and chemistry between Alessa, the music, and themselves. I was a big fan of her progressive vocals. Alessa was able to channel in the correct personality for this record and yo