Pop the Top on Meli Malavasi's Refreshing New Single "Fresh Like Summer"

You'll be strutting along to this funky, fresh track as Meli Malavasi brings us her latest single: "Fresh Like Summer."

Meli Malavasi is a Costa Rican Singer/Songwriter currently based in Los Angeles, California. Her passionate lyrics and infectious melodies have brought her performances to many notable stages and festivals across the California landscape.

"Fresh Like Summer," is yet another example of Meli's ability to create catchy and original harmonies.

The track begins with a deep plucking bass that gives memories of a Motown guitar riff; you'll quickly see "Fresh Like Summer" has a funk-inspired aura. As Meli's voice enters the soundscape we are showered with cascading, feel-good pop sounds and the playful vocals have you bouncing along with the chorus.

"Fresh Like Summer" gives the listener a "bathed in light" effect, and Meli's voice is the key component in this feeling. Her cheerful, harmonic voice wistfully delivers pleasant lyrics like "Makes me feel so good, makes me feel alive," and "Make me feel like I could dance like I could lose myself in the middle of a summer trance," which course over you like waves in the ocean.  

"Fresh Like Summer" is a must-add song to your summer playlist. Whether your poolside, hitting the road or laying on the hot sand, "Fresh Like Summer" is a perfect addition to all your summertime activities.

Discover "Fresh Like Summer" here.


Hello Meli, and welcome to BuzzMusic. We loved your latest hit "Fresh Like Summer." It's such a refreshing song that invigorates the listener. What feeling did you want to present in this song? Thank you so much for having me! The song was written with my amazing co-writers Mar and Pablo Valda to capture the feeling of freedom I get in my favorite time of the year: Summer.  Life by the beach always seems to move at a slower pace and I get into this "Feel Good" trance I don't want to wake up from. We loved the different elements you incorporated into "Fresh Like Summer." There is this funky pop vibe present on the track. How were you able to great such a synergy of sound on this song? The strongest element of this song was definitely the bass line! It had to be groovy!  I worked with my friend genius producer Pablo Valda and we wanted to create that  ”Feel good” vibe with the sounds, textures and unique sound elements (like the sound of a can opening at 00:08)  What type of messages do you feel it's important to incorporate into your music? I’m a true believer of love, self-acceptance, care for others, letting your heart lead you through this crazy journey called life, and never giving up on your dreams. I believe that as an artist I have the responsibility to speak up with my songs and help others.  What has the Los Angeles music scene done for your music? Do you feel the city inspires your music? LA is the land of my dreams. Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of living in this big city. This city has shaped me as an artist and a human being. I’ve met so many wonderful people that have helped me tell my story. It has taught me to love my art and be resilient in difficult times.

LA will always inspire me. I’ll always be a dreamer and I like to express my feelings with different sounds I find along these streets. What can we expect to see from you throughout the rest of 2020?

I’ll be releasing more music both in Spanish and English. I’m originally from Costa Rica so expect lots of feel-good music that will help you go through these difficult times. I believe that’s my mission in life, to create music that will shine a little light for everyone.